When I first met Tony Robbins back in 2001, it was clear to me that I wanted to move in new directions and learn from the best in the world, in this case from the number one life and business coach in the world. Since 2016, I feel honored to be one of just over 100 trainers worldwide of Tony Robbins, the world’s No.1 life and business coach.

It is an enrichment to go the extra mile, to gain new experiences and learn new things: this is precisely what enriches my lectures and my audience.

2016 Tony Robbins Trainer Promotion

Also in other areas I was inspired by the best. At my numerous experiences shadowing and sharing in the US and Germany I was able to get to look behind the curtains from teams such as the Miami Dolphins, the Dallas Cowboys, the Miami Heat, the New York Knicks or the L.A. Kings as well as the German soccer national team. A very special highlight for me (in the picture) as the meeting with the most famous sports voice in the world: ring announcer legend Michael “let’s get ready to rumble” Buffer.

2012 Meeting with Michael Buffer in Munich