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Dancing Stars 2020 Warm Up Host


From now on the dance floor is open again

Starting today, I will embark upon another step in my career; I will host the warm-up for the show Dancing Stars on ORF for the entire season. The show is presented by Mirjam Weichselbraun and Klaus Eberhartinger. Presenting the warm-up is a big responsibility; only a well attuned audience can bring out the right atmosphere. It’s all about rousing the audience in the venue into a condition that will appeal to the million people at home on the couch.

Do you have any idea what I’ll be doing there and what it means to me?

What does the Dancing Stars Warm Up mean?

“Warm up” – that means I have to touch the hearts of the audience in the studio. I have to captivate them, light their fire, get them in the mood emotionally. The enthusiasm must not only be tangible; it must be visible to the viewers in front of their TV sets.

Yes, that is a challenge, that is my challenge. I will do my best, as always. It is especially important for me to prepare myself in advance, to mentally adjust to what will await me in the studio.

How does the Dancing Stars Warm Up work?

Basically it is all about take the audience on an emotional journey. Pick them up by the time they come into the studio. The outcome is to bundle their excitement to be at its peak by the time the show starts. To accomplish that I might use a little trick or two. From opening the dance floor for the audience up to little quizzes where they can win small prizes. Probing the TV-applause is also part of the game. Have you ever been in a TV-Show? What were your impressions and experiences? Let me know in the comments!

Shortly I will be launching my new blog…

In a little while my new blog is starting (sign up now to not miss a post) and in one of my first blog posts, I will tell you how I prepare myself for such challenges, and also why it is important to face your challenges and what strategies I have developed for that.

Yours Ronny

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