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Episode 10: How to become a professional soccer player or a TV host? Valentina Maceri unveils all the secrets!

How do you become a professional soccer player? How do you get to work on TV? Whether you want to become a media personality yourself or you want to be a professional athlete, this episode with german TV host Valentina Maceri is a must watch! Also make sure to get your free gift at


  • 00:00 Intro & meet Valentina Maceri
  • 02:11 The mindset you need in order to grow and the dream of becoming a professional football player
  • 04:05 Dealing with prejudices when playing soccer as a woman
  • 06:53 How to develop a winning mindset
  • 09:00 Book tips for a winning mindset
  • 10:36 The path of becoming a pro soccer player for a girl in Germany
  • 13:02 The power of practicing hard and lighting the spark of passion for soccer
  • 15:14 The income differences between men and women in soccer
  • 17:49 Overcoming roadblocks on the path of becoming a professional soccer player
  • 20:12 Dealing with setbacks and standing up one more time than you fall down
  • 21:55 How to turn the negative into a positive when you miss your goal
  • 24:12 Taking inspiration from Michael Jordan and Tom Brady and dealing with emotions
  • 26:20 Advice for someone who wants to become a professional soccer player
  • 28:36 Highlights of Valentina’s soccer career
  • 29:40 When do you know that your career is over and what to do if you don’t have a plan
  • 34:20 The biggest challenges when changing into the media career
  • 36:58 Is pursuing a university study an option during a professional soccer career?
  • 37:33 What do you need to learn if you want to get into the media industry
  • 39:30 Dealing with rejection and still keeping the fire burning
  • 43:20 Career advice for anyone who wants to go into the media industry or wants to become a journalist
  • 45:46 Where does Valentina Maceri draw her inspiration from
  • 47:06 The best book Valentina has ever read
  • 48:11 Where to find out more about Valentina Maceri and how to get in touch
  • 48:40 Final thoughts on motivation and inspiration

Are you ready for another inspiring episode of the Ronny Leber Show? This week we’re joined by Valentina Maceri, a former professional soccer player from Nürnberg, Germany, who has made a successful transition into the media industry as a TV host. Valentina’s story is one of overcoming obstacles and developing a winning mindset, and she has plenty of valuable insights to share with us.

During the interview, Valentina opens up about her journey to becoming a professional soccer player, including dealing with prejudices and income differences as a female athlete. She also shares tips on developing a winning mindset, including book recommendations and advice on how to turn negatives into positives when you miss your goals.

Valentina’s passion for soccer shines through as she talks about lighting the spark of passion for the game and the power of practicing hard. She also shares her experiences of overcoming roadblocks on the path to becoming a professional soccer player and dealing with setbacks along the way.

After retiring from soccer, Valentina made the transition into the media industry, and she discusses the biggest challenges she faced and how to get into the industry. She also shares advice for anyone who wants to go into the media industry or become a journalist.

Throughout the interview, Valentina’s positive attitude and determination to succeed shines through, and she inspires us to keep pushing ourselves and chasing our dreams. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a student, or someone seeking inspiration and motivation, this episode is a must-watch.

So, join us for another fascinating conversation with Valentina Maceri on the Ronny Leber Show. Don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the world of sports, business, and entertainment.

This weeks guest: TV Host Valentina Maceri



Media: Bild TV, DAZN, Sky, Sport Bild

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