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Episode 13: How to Influence People & Make Friends with Relationship Expert Chuck Hogan

Join us on the transformative journey of Chuck Hogan, a master of unlocking one’s full potential and a wizard in sales, persuasion, and influence. Discover the secrets of how to influence people and make friends in our exclusive interview. Learn about his unique approach, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped his remarkable career. Watch this episode, whether you’re an aspiring executive, salesperson, or simply eager to learn the art of making meaningful connections. Claim your free gift at, designed to help you maximize your potential, and dive into this insightful conversation with Chuck Hogan!


  • 00:00 Intro: Meet Chuck Hogan!
  • 03:29 Relationships: The Ultimate Currency
  • 04:51 The Reality of Love & Relationships
  • 06:32 Like-minded vs Like-hearted People
  • 09:56 Mindset vs Heartset: The Key Difference
  • 12:18 How Our Heart Communicates
  • 14:59 Unleash the Power to Influence Others
  • 16:34 Master Influence in Sales
  • 19:35 The Secret to Creating Value for Others
  • 22:44 Becoming a Person of Interest & Chuck’s Opinion on Influencers
  • 25:12 Balance Life in Today’s Busy World
  • 27:43 Building a Strong Network: The Value
  • 30:11 Create a Network of Interesting People
  • 33:26 Master Deep Relationships with Others
  • 36:34 Targeting Strangers to Build Relationships
  • 38:45 Recommendations: Business & Private Life
  • 41:46 Create Momentum Through Possibilities
  • 45:16 Advice for Professionals Just Starting Out
  • 47:05 Chuck’s Must-Read Books
  • 47:55 Find Chuck Hogan Online
  • 48:19 Chuck’s Closing Thoughts & Inspiration

In this week’s episode, we have a truly extraordinary guest, Chuck Hogan. Chuck is a master in unleashing your full potential and a wizard in sales, persuasion, and influence. He’s an executive strategist, cultivation expert, and co-founder/partner at YOUR BEST LIFE. Above all, he’s a wonderful human being with a passion for helping others reach their maximum potential.

Join us as we dive deep into the world of relationships, mindset vs heartset, and the power of influence, discussing the best ways to influence people and make friends. Chuck shares valuable insights on how to create value for others, build a strong network, and master the art of deep, meaningful connections. We also discuss the importance of balance in our busy lives and how to create momentum through possibilities.

Whether you’re just starting out on your professional journey or looking for inspiration to level up your game, this interview with Chuck Hogan is packed with life-changing advice on how to influence people and make friends that you won’t want to miss!

Chuck also shares his favorite books and reveals the best sources of inspiration for those looking to achieve greatness. Don’t forget to check out the resources mentioned in the episode and connect with Chuck on his social media channels (links provided below).

Are you ready to unlock your full potential, influence people, and make friends? Get ready to be inspired and motivated by Chuck Hogan’s incredible journey! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

This weeks guest: Relationship Cultivation Expert Chuck Hogan


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