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Episode 15: Mastermind of the FIFA World Cup Organisation: The Journey of Heinz Palme

Delve into the captivating journey of Heinz Palme, a figurehead in the universe of sports and FIFA World Cup organisation. Starting as a high school graduate, Palme shaped a career that set benchmarks in the world of football. This exclusive conversation brings you closer to his experiences, trials, and victories that sculpted his remarkable career. Claim your special gift at, expertly designed to unlock your potential! Perfect for budding sports managers, football aficionados, or anyone driven to turn dreams into reality – this episode promises to be an enlightening watch.


  • 00:00 Meet Heinz Palme: Vision to Reality
  • 03:20 From Ski Jumping Dynasty to Soccer Love ⚽
  • 06:20 High School to Austrian Soccer Federation post-FIFA World Cup 1978
  • 11:31 First Lessons in the Youth Department & The Value of a Coaching Degree
  • 14:59 Personal Development & Handling Mistakes
  • 18:07 From Youth Department to National Team Manager & Media Director
  • 22:28 Leading the Bid Campaign for EURO 2004 🇪🇺
  • 26:56 Heinz Palme & The FIFA World Cup: Significance & Personal Experiences
  • 31:20 Heading the Organisation for FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany 🇩🇪
  • 35:16 Organizing the World’s Biggest Sports Event & Scoring Big Wins
  • 38:45 Interacting with Football Greats: Beckenbauer, Pelé, Maradona
  • 42:05 🇩🇪 Angela Merkel’s Dressing Room Visit Post World Cup 2006 Semi-Final Defeat
  • 44:18 Concealing Maradona from Fan Frenzy
  • 44:52 Making It in the World of Sports: Heinz Palme’s Take
  • 46:21 Connecting with Heinz Palme: Here’s How
  • 46:44 Heinz’s Final Thoughts & The Power of Personality Development

Join us for an extraordinary episode of the Ronny Leber Show as we bring you the inspirational story of Heinz Palme, an influential figure in global sports who has left his mark on the FIFA World Cup organisation

From working with Austrian Soccer Federation right out of high school to playing pivotal roles in major international football events, Heinz has had a spectacular journey in the world of sports. This episode uncovers his intriguing tale of ambition, tenacity, and success .

Our conversation begins with a warm introduction and a dive into Heinz Palme’s transformation from a vision-oriented high school graduate into a global sports authority. Learn how his passion for football led him from a ski jumping dynasty straight into the Austrian soccer federation.

We then explore Heinz’s early days in the youth department, the valuable lessons he learned, and his decision to attain a coaching degree. Palme shares insights into personal development and handling mistakes – key elements for growth in any field.

Hear about his transition to becoming the national team manager and media director. This shift marks the beginning of his upward trajectory in football administration, culminating with leading the bid campaign for the UEFA EURO 2004.

We delve deep into Heinz’s connection with the FIFA World Cup, his personal experiences since 1990, and his journey to becoming the organizational head for FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany.

What does it take to organize the biggest sports event in the world? Get the answer straight from the expert who shares his experience of interacting with football greats like Franz Beckenbauer, Pelé, and Maradona.

Enjoy exciting anecdotes like taking Angela Merkel to the dressing room of the German national team after a semi-final loss and an episode of hiding Maradona from a crowd of fans!

Wrap up with Heinz Palme’s insights on what it takes to make it in the world of sports, how to develop your own personality, and how you can get in touch with him. As a beacon of dedication and achievement, Heinz Palme is an inspiration for aspiring sports professionals and fans alike. His unique experiences and advice offer valuable insight and motivation.

This weeks guest: Sports Industry Icon Heinz Palme


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