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Episode 18: Shifting Gears: How to Become a Racecar Driver with Corinna Kamper

Gear up for an adrenaline-filled journey with Corinna Kamper, from boat-loving child to celebrated race car driver and TV host. Don’t miss this episode if you’re eager to transform dreams into reality, especially in the high-speed world of racing. Claim your free gift at Tune in for her exclusive insights into this fast-paced life!


00:00 Meet Corinna Kamper: The Journey to Becoming a Race Car Driver

02:21 From Childhood Dreams to Racing Reality: How to Become a Race Car Driver and Finding Her Identity Post-Racing

03:37 Unraveling Personality Layers: Choosing the Right Career Path During Transition

04:54 The First Step: A Female Pioneer in the Male-Dominated Field of Racing

07:14 The Starting Line: The Normal Path to Embarking on a Racing Career

09:32 Revving up Costs: The Expense of Kickstarting a Career as a Race Car Driver

10:38 Formula vs. Others: The Differences Between Formula Sports and Other Race Car Classes & Series

12:48 Trailblazer in McLaren: Corinna’s Triumphs in Race Sports and Entry to the McLaren Performance Center

15:57 The McLaren Spirit: The Legacy of McLaren’s Great Champions

18:42 Fast-Track Icons: Corinna’s Idols and the Best Race Car Drivers of All Time

20:01 Life in the Fast Lane: The Day-to-Day of a Race Car Driver

22:39 Support System: The Vital Role of a Strong Environment and Mindset in Racing

25:05 Drive to Succeed: Corinna’s Motivation in Her Race Car Driver Journey

27:54 Mastering the Mindset: Developing the Ideal Mindset for a Race Car Driver

31:05 Key Traits: The Essential Character Qualities for Successful Race Car Drivers

34:07 Training the Vision: The Art of Focusing in High-Speed Racing

37:52 Breaking Stereotypes: Addressing Prejudgments about Women in Racing

39:47 Dancing Through Fear: Learning from Dancing with the Stars

43:08 Finding Balance: Rediscovering the Feminine Through Dance

45:03 Corinna’s Influences: Admired Individuals and Book Recommendations

47:48 Reach Out: Where to Find and Contact Corinna Kamper

48:28 Final Lap: Corinna’s Closing Thoughts on Giving Your All in the Race of Life

Welcome to the Ronny Leber Show, the hot seat of inspiration, where we bring you trailblazers from the world of sports, business, and entertainment every week!

In this special episode, we dive into the adrenaline-fueled world of racing with Corinna Kamper! From childhood fascinations with speedboats to burning rubber on the world’s most prestigious race tracks, Corinna’s story is a thrilling tale of passion, resilience, and smashing stereotypes. Born in Graz, Austria, she’s not just a decorated race car driver but also a race car instructor, a marine licensing company leader, and a celebrated host of a Formula 1 TV Show!

For those wondering ‘how to become a race car driver,’ this interview gives you a thrilling insight into the high-octane world of racing. Listen to Corinna share her journey from karting glory to scintillating successes in formula sports. Discover the power of the drive, the passion that propels individuals towards this daring career, and how the fast lane can serve as a road to self-discovery.

Key takeaways:

  • Getting into racing as a girl in a male-dominated field and the challenges Corinna faced along the way.
  • How to make a career change – unraveling the multiple layers of your personality to find your true passion.
  • The financial aspects of starting a career in racing and the distinctions between various racing classes and series.
  • Corinna’s experiences and achievements at the prestigious McLaren Performance Academy – making her mark as the only woman in the room.
  • The life of a race car driver – the struggles, the triumphs, and the importance of having a supportive environment and a strong mindset.

Corinna also shares personal insights into her idols, her driving force, and the character traits essential for a successful racing career. Plus, you’ll learn how to focus and deal with prejudices in a high-pressure environment like racing.

This episode is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, taking us from the race tracks to the dance floor, as Corinna shares her experiences from her appearance on Dancing with the Stars!

Get ready for an exhilarating ride with Corinna Kamper on the Ronny Leber Show! Remember to subscribe, share, and drop your comments. Enjoy the ride!

This weeks guest: Race Car Driver Corinna Kamper



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