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Episode 19: From Working on Mega Yachts to Global Head of Marketing! The inspiring story of Nina Haberlehner!

Join us on an extraordinary journey with Nina Haberlehner, a powerhouse who conquered sports, business, and entertainment! From mega yachts to global marketing, her inspiring story is a testament to resilience and limitless potential. In this exclusive interview, discover the secrets behind her remarkable success and claim your free gift at to empower your own journey of success!


  • 00:00 Teaser: The swimming 7-star hotel
  • 00:49 Meet Nina Haberlehner
  • 03:00 From dreamer to marketing maven
  • 04:20 Following passion before Viennese university
  • 06:31 Chasing dreams amidst family challenges
  • 07:45 From dog au-pair to island manager in Florida
  • 11:08 Getting involved with Mega Yachts in the South of France
  • 12:13 Life and working culture on a mega yacht
  • 14:29 Nina’s tasks when starting out on mega yachts
  • 15:53 Returning to Florida for another mega yacht trip
  • 19:19 Overcoming doubts and fears in the adventure of a lifetime
  • 21:48 The fire that propelled Nina forward despite her fears
  • 23:22 Yachting on the great lakes and embracing her inner bureaucrat
  • 25:20 Becoming a head of marketing without a degree
  • 27:59 Organizing a luxury fare at the Viennese imperial palace
  • 30:20 Organizing principles for success in Nina’s life
  • 31:22 Pursuing a degree in French cuisine in New Zealand 🇳🇿
  • 33:29 Dealing with naysayers and staying true to oneself
  • 35:17 Returning to mega yachts as a private chef in the South Pacific
  • 38:30 Nina’s recommendations for beautiful and magnificent places to visit
  • 41:21 Navigating interactions with high-profile people
  • 42:56 Making the impossible possible with Nina Haberlehner!
  • 46:17 Becoming the global head of marketing for orchestral strings
  • 50:29 Closing thoughts and advice from Nina Haberlehner

In this captivating interview, Nina takes us on a whirlwind adventure from working on mega yachts to becoming a global head of marketing. Her path to success was filled with unexpected twists and turns that will leave you in awe.

Join us as Nina recounts her experiences, starting from the moment she took a timeout in Florida just before completing her university studies in Vienna. From an Au-Pair job, she gradually made connections in the yachting industry, leading her to a world of luxury and excitement.

Nina’s journey took her from building up a private island in the Bahamas to being a private chef on a mega yacht in the South Pacific. Along the way, she faced numerous challenges and conquered them with determination and resilience. Her story is a testament to the power of chasing your dreams and overcoming obstacles.

But Nina’s accomplishments didn’t stop there. She transitioned to marketing and embarked on a global career, organizing luxury fares and heading international marketing departments. Her ability to adapt and thrive in different industries is truly awe-inspiring.

In this interview, you’ll discover the working culture on mega yachts, hear about Nina’s fascinating tasks as a yacht sitter, and learn how she dealt with doubts and fears while pursuing her passion. Her story is filled with valuable lessons for anyone seeking to break free from their comfort zone and embrace new challenges.

Nina’s journey took her across the globe, from the great lakes to Austria, where she listened to her “inner bureaucrat” and pursued her dreams even while finishing her university studies. She shares how she became a head of marketing without a degree and organized a luxury fare at the prestigious Viennese imperial palace.

But Nina’s thirst for adventure persisted. She explored her passion for culinary arts, obtaining a degree from a renowned French cuisine school in New Zealand. Despite facing skepticism and differing opinions, Nina remained steadfast in her pursuit of happiness and personal growth.

Returning to mega yachts as a private chef in the South Pacific, Nina encountered awe-inspiring places and interacted with high-profile individuals. She even shares valuable insights on dealing with high-profile people and making extraordinary things happen, such as encounters with Tiger Woods or securing a business class upgrade.

Nina’s inspiring journey continued as she rose to the position of global head of marketing for the world market leader in orchestral strings. Her story is a testament to the limitless possibilities that await those who are willing to follow their passions and embrace new opportunities.

This weeks guest: Nina Haberlehner



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