how to become a wrestler in wwe

Episode 20: How to Become a Wrestler in WWE: Inside the Ring with Jared ‘Jaleel’ Ganem

Explore the fascinating path of Jared ‘Jaleel’ Ganem, who wrestled his way from local rings to WWE stardom. Discover the secrets behind his unique journey, perfect for wrestling enthusiasts and aspirants. Before you dive in, grab your free gift at to boost your potential!

Time Code:

  • 00:00 Teaser: Gleaning Wisdom from Rowdy Roddy Piper
  • 01:14 Get to Know: Jared ‘Jaleel’ Ganem
  • 02:37 Golden Girls or Wrestling: Childhood Choices
  • 03:47 Jared’s Initial Wrestling Impressions: Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker
  • 05:20 Jared’s Wrestling Debut: The Local Training Ground
  • 06:27 Fitness and Beyond: Keys to Becoming a Successful Wrestler
  • 07:49 The Secret Sauce of Being ‘Marketable’ in Wrestling
  • 09:34 Jared’s Personal Take on Professional Wrestling
  • 11:48 Local Wrestling Promoter Vs. WWE: What’s the Difference?
  • 12:48 Ring Timings and Replays: The Unsaid Rules of Wrestling
  • 14:00 The Art of Big Wrestling Stunts: Falling, Chair Hits, and More! 💥
  • 15:39 Wrestling’s Reality: The ‘Fake’ Discovery
  • 17:19 Realizing 8 Years of ‘Wrong Way’ Training: Jared’s Epiphany
  • 19:25 Emulating a Superstar: In Wrestling and Life
  • 21:56 Redirecting the Ego: Building a Bollywood Action Superstar
  • 23:37 Gleaning Knowledge: Wrestling Seminars
  • 24:35 Making it Big: Entering WWE
  • 26:19 WWE Performance Center: The Heartbeat of Orlando
  • 26:59 Training Regime of a Professional Wrestler
  • 28:37 Wrestling’s Elite: Jared’s Favourite Wrestlers
  • 30:14 Channeling Ric Flair and Macho Man: Mastering Character Impersonation
  • 31:44 Rowdy Roddy Piper’s Golden Advice and Ring Battles
  • 33:53 Inside the Ring: Briefing and Collaboration during Wrestling Matches
  • 36:10 Bret Hart: Guiding his Opponent in the Ring
  • 37:52 Behind the Locker Room Doors: Mystique and Hierarchy
  • 39:00 Bollywood Hero: Proving WWE Producers Wrong
  • 41:31 Crafting a WWE Character: The Role of Vince McMahon
  • 42:37 From Wrestling to Production: Jared’s Transition
  • 43:49 Behind the Scenes with Hulk Hogan: Videographer Adventures
  • 44:52 Jared’s Golden Advice: Aspiring to be a WWE Wrestler
  • 45:37 Jared’s Last Match to Peak Performance Coaching: The Evolution
  • 46:47 Getting in Touch with Jared Ganem: Here’s How!
  • 47:12 Final Pearls of Wisdom from Jared

In this captivating episode of the Ronny Leber Show, we sit down with the mastermind behind the wrestling alias “Jaleel,” Jared Ganem. Once a fan of wrestling watching TV, now an accomplished professional wrestler and peak performance coach, Jared shares his mesmerizing journey.

Jared reveals how, after an eight-year period of “doing it wrong,” he broke through into the world of wrestling, sharing the ring with legends like Booker T, Jerry Lawler, and Rowdy Roddy Piper. From wrestling in the North East of the US to globally acclaimed stages of Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and WWE, his tales offer invaluable insights for anyone pondering on ‘how to become a wrestler in WWE.’

Jared’s wrestling career wasn’t all he mastered; he transitioned into a backstage producer, travelling videographer for Hulk Hogan, and is now a much sought after Peak Performance Coach for men.

Get set to unveil:

  • How to make it as a wrestler
  • The significance of being ‘marketable’
  • The difference between local wrestling promoter and the WWE
  • Secrets behind big wrestling stunts
  • What ‘training the wrong way’ meant for Jared’s career
  • The art of impersonating iconic characters like Ric Flair and Macho Man
  • And much more, from learning wrestling in seminars, to working closely with Hulk Hogan, and Jared’s backstage transition into producing wrestling shows and PPVs.

Stay till the end for Jared’s unique advice to anyone who aspires to be a WWE wrestler, and how he smoothly transitioned from his last wrestling match into a peak performance coaching role.

Enjoy an eye-opening exploration into the mystical world of Pro-Wrestling. This episode is packed with unique anecdotes, industry insights, and invaluable advice for aspiring wrestlers.

This weeks guest: Jared Ganem


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