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Episode 24: Mastering Multilingual Communication: From Communist Poland to Microsoft’s Elite

Dive into Olo Swida’s captivating journey from communist Poland to global tech leadership. As we unpack his secrets to mastering languages and thriving in tech, don’t miss our exclusive offer at Whether you’re eyeing global markets or simply seeking inspiration, this episode promises value and vision.

Time Code:

  • 00:00 Teaser & Meet the Marvelous Olo Swida
  • 02:16 An Indiana Jones-Styled Life
  • 02:41 Growing in Communist Europe & Mental Chains
  • 05:07 Rejecting Communism & Berlin Wall Memories
  • 08:29 Capitalist West Berlin & Breaking Free
  • 09:47 Escaping Poland & A New Beginning
  • 12:05 From Cologne’s Streets to Microsoft Magnate
  • 14:40 Meeting Tech Titan Bill Gates in Russia
  • 16:47 East Europe to Microsoft US: Triple Citizen Triumphs
  • 19:00 Crafting Windows for Latin America & Spanish-Speaking World
  • 23:10 Olo on AI: Being the Next Tech Mogul
  • 30:04 Microsoft to NBC: A Media Voyage
  • 33:51 Leading News at Polish National TV – TVP
  • 36:12 Power of Speaking 6 Languages: Why & How
  • 39:37 Linguistic Influence on Thought & Learning Secrets
  • 41:40 Olo’s Golden Guide to Language Mastery
  • 44:42 Consulting: Multilingual & Cross-Cultural Communication Skills
  • 46:54 Connect with the Multilingual Maestro: Olo Swida
  • 47:41 Olo’s Ultimate Advice for New Journey Seekers

From the confining clutches of Warsaw’s communism to mastering multilingual communication in the expansive world of global business, Olo Swida’s journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Dive deep into his story with us on the Ronny Leber Show.

Born and bred under the heavy cloud of communism in Warsaw, Olo chose a path less traveled. He headed to Cologne, Germany, igniting his passion for economics and soon finding himself amidst Microsoft’s leadership ranks. He took on roles that shaped tech landscapes across Eastern Europe and Latin America, forging an indomitable mark in the global business realm.

Olo’s adventures didn’t stop with just business feats. He evolved into a maestro of multilingual communication, speaking six diverse languages effortlessly. With every language he acquired, he unlocked a new world, breaking barriers and cementing connections across continents.

Today, Olo isn’t just a revered tech and business connoisseur but a dedicated presenter, coach, and trainer. Leveraging his linguistic arsenal, he bridges cultural divides, shedding invaluable insights into how different languages can shape our thinking, influence our actions, and enhance our global interactions.


  • Embracing adventures echoing Indiana Jones.
  • The Berlin Wall: A touch of freedom and defiance.
  • Rising through challenges and heralding a new tech era from Cologne to Russia.
  • A rendezvous with Bill Gates: Insights from a meeting of tech giants.
  • Harnessing the digital realm in Latin America.
  • The intrinsic power and potential of languages in our interconnected world.
  • Tips, tricks, and sage advice on mastering multilingual communication.

For everyone eager to harness the power of language, to communicate seamlessly across borders, and to thrive in a multicultural world, this episode promises unparalleled wisdom.

This weeks guest: Multilingual Business Coach Olo Swida


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