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Episode 27: Future-Proofing Your Life with Oskar Andermo! Goal Setting & AI Insights

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary journey of Oskar Andermo, transitioning from serene island beginnings to becoming an AI and goal-setting guru! Uncover his methodologies, challenges, and triumphs in this exclusive interview. For those seeking to elevate their potential, access your free gift right away at https://www.ronnyleber.com/gift ! Whether you’re an emerging keynote speaker, a dedicated coach, or someone curious about future-proofing their life through lifelong learning, don’t miss out on this enlightening episode!

Time Codes:

  • 00:00 Meet Oskar Andermo!
  • 01:32 Growing up on a Small Island in Sweden – Dreams of the Big, Wide World
  • 02:48 Early Cross-Cultural Communication – Bridging European & Asian Cultures
  • 04:14 Childhood Dreams on a Small Island
  • 06:13 Learning Goal Setting from a High School Teacher
  • 07:46 The Harvard Study & the Impact of Goal Setting
  • 08:51 Exploring the World – Discovering Different Perspectives
  • 11:19 Surprising Commonalities & Differences of People Globally
  • 13:04 Insights from the Hotel Business & Learning Sales
  • 16:00 The Inspiration of ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss & Entrepreneurial Beginnings
  • 18:44 Launching Après Ski Events in Dubai
  • 20:39 Exploring Business Ventures – Finding Your Passion
  • 22:20 Early Business Struggles – The Importance of a Strong ‘Why’
  • 23:55 The Dangers of Comparison
  • 25:05 Doubling Sales 3 Years in a Row with Education-Based Marketing
  • 28:29 Assisting the Candy Crush Company with Their Events
  • 29:51 Investing in Yourself
  • 31:24 Creating a Magical Goal Setting Seminar on Dubai’s Sand Dunes
  • 32:42 Oskar’s Smartphone Coaching Book
  • 34:49 How to Future-Proof Yourself
  • 39:07 Being Flexible in Changing Times
  • 39:44 Leveraging Productivity through AI and ChatGPT
  • 42:20 What Defines an Expert
  • 42:48 Being Replaced by a Human Working with AI
  • 44:48 From Analog Communication in the 80s to Virtual Communication in the 20s
  • 47:01 Using ChatGPT as Your Assistant, Not Your Boss
  • 50:00 Rapid-Fire Questions & Quick Tips from Oskar
  • 52:27 How to Get in Contact with Oskar Andermo
  • 53:00 Closing Thoughts from Oskar – The Power of Right Companionship

Welcome to the Ronny Leber Show – Your weekly rendezvous with extraordinary minds from the realms of sports, business, and entertainment! We bring forth intriguing dialogues with guests who have lived compelling journeys, and this week is no exception! We are delighted to feature the visionary Oskar Andermo, a dynamic personality who’s a keynote speaker, AI expert, and motivational coach!

Future-Proofing Your Life: Dive deep with us into the secrets of goal setting, the marvels of AI, and the essence of lifelong learning, as Oskar unfolds his innovative insights and transformative life experiences to help you sculpt a resilient and fruitful future!

In This Episode, Discover:

  • Oskar’s adventurous journey from a quaint Swedish island to exploring myriad cultures around the globe.
  • The pivotal moments that catalyzed his entrepreneurial spirit and his path to becoming a beacon of inspiration and knowledge.
  • How to harness the power of AI and goal setting to redefine your life’s trajectory and achieve unprecedented success.

Oskar’s Wisdom on:

  • Unlocking your potential and elevating your life through continual learning and adaptation.
  • The role of AI in optimizing productivity and future-proofing your professional endeavors.
  • Empowering strategies for personal development and achieving your dreams.

Connect & Explore More:

For deeper insights, captivating stories, and a dose of inspiration, connect with Oskar Andermo:

Website: https://www.oskarandermo.com

Tech Coaching: https://www.strategictechcoaching.com

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