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Episode 28: How to Become the Best in the World at Something : 3-time Dance World Champion Franco Formica

Embark on an enthralling journey with Franco Formica, the dance legend who gracefully twirled from humble starts to the world stage in Latin American dancing. As we delve deep into his story, be sure to grab your exclusive bonus at tailored for those passionate about scaling the heights of their dreams. Whether you’re an emerging dancer, a competitive spirit, or simply intrigued by tales of perseverance and triumph, this episode is your backstage pass!

Time Codes:

  • 00:00 Teaser, Intro & Meet Franco
  • 01:39 Looking Back: Road to Excellence
  • 02:48 The Beginning of Franco’s Dance Odyssey
  • 04:46 From Novice to World Championship Finals in 8 Years
  • 07:15 Selecting the Ultimate Mentor
  • 10:10 Traits of an Outstanding Teacher
  • 13:36 The Fusion of Mindset & Skill Execution
  • 13:56 Retaining Authenticity while Mastering Skills
  • 15:26 Three Pillars of Creation in Dance
  • 18:18 How Movement Breeds Emotion
  • 19:33 Franco’s Philosophy on Dance
  • 20:44 Realizing Dance as a Career Path
  • 23:24 Navigating Doubts & Feeling Out of Place
  • 25:53 Deciding to Be the Best in the World
  • 27:01 Picking the Perfect Partner for Success
  • 30:13 Why Change Partners at the Peak?
  • 31:34 Evolving as a World Championship Duo
  • 33:09 Reliving the First World Championship Win
  • 36:57 Ingredients to Being the Best in the World
  • 39:01 Qualities of a Formidable Leader
  • 41:49 Making Your Dance Partner Shine
  • 43:54 Public Speaking Insights from Dance
  • 46:54 Projecting Energy to Engage Everyone
  • 49:02 Steering Audience Emotions through Gestures
  • 50:56 Conveying Deep Emotions with Facial Expressions
  • 52:46 Franco’s Transition: From Dancer to Mentor
  • 55:20 Franco’s Golden Advice on Overcoming Challenges
  • 59:11 Connecting with Franco Formica
  • 59:57 Franco’s Final Wisdom & Farewell

Welcome to this special episode of The Ronny Leber Show! Today, we unveil the secret: How can one truly become the best in the world at their craft? With Franco Formica, a 3-time World Champion in Latin American dancing, as our guide, we explore this question in depth.

Starting off, Franco shares his initial days in the world of dance, revealing how dedication and passion can catapult someone to global acclaim in a short span. Delve into the essence of mastering a craft, from selecting the right mentor, to understanding the nuances that set apart a good teacher from a great one.

What’s the right balance between psychology and execution in dance? How can you remain authentic and keep your personality alive in a world that often demands conformity? Franco shares his wisdom on these and the essential steps of creation in dance.

Hear from the champ himself about the emotion that dance evokes, his personal relationship with the art form, and the epiphanies that defined his career path.

Franco elaborates on partnership dynamics in dance, the challenges, and the growth journey. He also sheds light on the broader aspects of leadership, energy projection, and the transformational power of presence – lessons invaluable for anyone aspiring to be the best in their domain.

The episode concludes with Franco’s shift to teaching, his advice for navigating through life’s challenges, and poignant closing thoughts.

Key Segments:

  • Crafting a World-Class Journey
  • The Blueprint to Championship Success
  • The Dance-Leadership Connection
  • Harnessing Authenticity and Presence
  • Beyond Championships: Giving Back Through Teaching

Connect & Explore More:

For deeper insights, captivating stories, and a dose of inspiration, connect with Franco Formica:



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