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Episode 29: Becoming the CEO of Your Health: Longevity Secrets from Kas Bordier!

Dive into an inspiring conversation with Kas Bordier, the healthtech trailblazer who transitioned from the challenges of communist Poland to global prominence in biotech and medtech. Before we explore her transformative narrative, grab your exclusive bonus at https://www.ronnyleber.com/gift, perfectly curated for go-getters keen on optimizing their health journey. Whether you’re at the cusp of a career change, passionate about longevity, or captivated by stories of innovation and resilience, this episode promises enlightenment.

Time Codes:

  • 00:00 Welcome Sneak Peek: Meeting Kas Bordier
  • 01:48 Celebrating Today’s Life Opportunities
  • 02:57 Recollections of Communist Poland
  • 06:34 Advocating for Healthcare as a Right
  • 08:19 Pivotal Moments & Embracing Life’s Gifts
  • 13:28 Vienna Beginnings & Broader Horizons
  • 15:34 The Power of Linguistic Mastery
  • 19:40 Transforming Stigma into Strength
  • 21:06 Kas’s Biotech Odyssey
  • 24:38 Navigating as the CEO of Your Health
  • 27:31 Health & Business: The Unseen Connection
  • 31:00 Mental Health’s Link to Longevity
  • 35:10 Body’s Role in a Sound Mind
  • 37:46 Finding Your Health Champion
  • 39:30 Embracing the Asian Health Ethos
  • 41:30 Wisdom from Peter Diamandis & Longevity Leaders
  • 44:55 Blueprint for a Healthy, Extended Life
  • 46:55 Delving into Genetics & Well-being
  • 49:17 Genetics’ Truth & Power of Epigenetics
  • 51:17 Unveiling Healthy Living Secrets
  • 52:46 The Role of Exercise in Longevity
  • 56:37 Ronny’s Personal Long-Life Formula
  • 58:27 The Quest for Longevity
  • 1:00:10 Must-Reads on Prolonged Health
  • 1:03:53 Biotech & Medtech: A World of Opportunities
  • 1:07:19 Biotech’s Modern Wonders
  • 1:10:34 Connecting with Kas Bordier
  • 1:11:08 Final Reflections from Kas

In this enlightening episode of the Ronny Leber Show, we sit down with the brilliant Kas Bordier, a seasoned expert in global business, finance, and healthcare. Dive deep with us into her captivating journey, from her challenging upbringing in communist Poland to her groundbreaking work in biotech and medtech.

Growing up in the backdrop of communism, Kas shares heartfelt tales of her family battling chronic illnesses, emphasizing the critical nature of quality healthcare. Her narratives underline the belief that healthcare is not just a necessity but a fundamental human right.

Fueled by her personal experiences, Kas began her global quest for knowledge and innovation. She talks about her eye-opening stint in Vienna, the significance of mastering languages, and how her past stigmas transformed into powerful driving forces.

As an MIT-trained HealthTech enthusiast and an entrepreneur, Kas is on a mission. She empowers patients with avant-garde tools to seize control of their health in ways previously unimagined. Learn about the intriguing parallels between health and business and how modern conveniences can, surprisingly, be the root of diseases.

Venture into the realms of mental health and longevity. How does a fit body influence a robust mind? Kas shares profound insights, the Asian perspective on healthcare, and enlightening experiences from her recent trips with global healthspan and longevity pioneers.

Keen on living a long, fruitful life? Discover the secret recipe for longevity, the pivotal role of genetics and epigenetics, and the importance of consistent exercise. Get a sneak peek into Ronny’s personal health regimen and delve into some recommended book resources on longevity.

Looking for career inspiration? Kas sheds light on the thrilling world of biotech and medtech, showcasing the limitless possibilities and groundbreaking advancements in the field.

Connect & Explore More:

For deeper insights, captivating stories, and a dose of inspiration, connect with Kas Bordier:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kasbordier/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KasBordier

Website: https://www.kasbordier.com

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