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Episode 31: Insights into Working at Sports Events and Leading the Vienna City Marathon with Kathi Widu

Dive into the captivating world of Kathi Widu, a trailblazer in the sports events industry, starting from a small village to leading the renowned Vienna City Marathon. Seize your exclusive bonus crafted specially for our audience at https://www.ronnyleber.com/gift, perfect for those eager to conquer their aspirations. Whether you are at the early stages of your career, facing a pivotal moment, or simply fascinated by stories of resilience and success, this episode is your VIP ticket to inspiration!

Time Codes:

  • 00:00 Kicking off the Show: Introduction and a Glimpse into Kathi Widu’s World
  • 01:54 Discovering the Joy in Your Profession and Building Your Brand in the Process
  • 02:41 Navigating Your Career Path in Sports Events and Personal Branding
  • 04:51 Unraveling the Unique Aspects of the Sports Events Industry for Personal Branding
  • 07:18 Marathon Special: Understanding the Unique Dynamics of Organizing Running Events
  • 10:07 Effective Strategies for Branding and Marketing to Diverse Audiences
  • 12:50 From Humble Beginnings to a Robust Organization: The Growth Journey of Vienna City Marathon
  • 14:30 Mastering Communication and Coordination with a Large Team During Event Days
  • 16:09 Kathi’s Personal Branding Strategy for Staying Organized and On Top of Things
  • 17:24 Navigating Crises: How to Troubleshoot When Unexpected Challenges Arise
  • 19:35 Developing Resilience: The Mindset Needed to Overcome Unanticipated Obstacles
  • 20:51 Adapting to Change: Cultivating the Right Mindset in the Events Industry for Your Brand
  • 23:27 Leveraging Experience: Learning from Past Trials and Reattempting for Better Outcomes
  • 24:05 Consistent Innovation: Strategies for Keeping Your Ideas Fresh and Your Brand Relevant
  • 25:02 Evolution of Client Communication: Understanding the Shifts and Staying Ahead
  • 27:00 The Power of Networking and Creative Thinking for Your Personal Brand and Event Planning
  • 30:13 Implementing Innovative Ideas: Taking Your Event and Personal Brand to the Next Level
  • 32:31 Transitioning Roles: From Event Organizer to Event Agency, and Building a Brand Along the Way
  • 35:10 Navigating the Pandemic: Learning and Growing as an Organization and Personal Brand
  • 38:17 INEOS 1:59 Challenge: Kathi’s Role in a Pivotal Moment in Marathon History
  • 43:03 The Race Against Time: What it Took to Achieve a Sub-2 Hour Marathon
  • 45:42 Changing Gears: The Shift from Event Organizer to Service Partner for Personal Brand Growth
  • 47:18 Emotional Journey: Reliving the Historical Day When the 2-Hour Marathon Barrier Was Broken
  • 50:10 Essential Advice for Aspiring Sports Event Professionals and Building Your Personal Brand
  • 51:46 Rapid Fire Round: Getting to Know Kathi Widu and Her Personal Brand Philosophy
  • 53:17 Starting Your Journey: Kathi’s Words of Wisdom for Beginners in Event Planning and Brand Building
  • 53:09 Stay Connected: How to Reach Out to Kathi Widu for Insights on Event Management and Personal Branding
  • 54:05 Final Thoughts: Kathi’s Inspirational Message to Propel Your Career and Personal Brand Forward

In this episode, Kathi shares invaluable insights on the joys and challenges of working at sports events, providing a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to excel in this dynamic field.

Discover the special conditions that come with organizing a marathon, as compared to other events, and learn how the Vienna City Marathon grew from a small office to a massive 2,500-person operation on race weekends. Kathi sheds light on the art of communication and organization required to manage such a large team effectively.

Kathi also played a crucial role in the organization of the INEOS 1:59 Challenge, contributing to one of the most groundbreaking moments in marathon history. She shares her personal experiences and the emotional rollercoaster of the day Eliud Kipchoge broke the 2-hour marathon mark.

Connect & Explore More:

For deeper insights, captivating stories, and a dose of inspiration, connect with Kathi Widu:

Website: https://www.vienna-marathon.com

LinkedIn:   / kathrin-widu  

Instagram:   / kathiwidu  

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