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Episode 4: From TV Host to Stage Coach: Cathy Zimmermann’s Journey to Finding her Passion in Ronny Leber Show

Want to know the secrets of how to follow your passion, become super confident and a star on stage and TV at the same time? Learn from former TV star and now stage coach Cathy Zimmermann in this inspiring interview. Also get your free gift at https://www.ronnyleber.com/gift


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:26 Meet TV & Event Host Cathy Zimmermann
  • 04:10 How Cathy threw her economics studies to follow her passion
  • 06:15 Number 1 Advice to everyone trying to figure out what they want to do even when their parents think different
  • 09:32 How to become a TV host while learning along the path
  • 10:53 How to overcome limiting beliefs while following your dreams
  • 13:21 How to deal with anxiety while speaking in public
  • 14:15 The difference of being on stage vs speaking on stage in front of an audience
  • 16:04 The biggest learnings from being on TV for 10 years
  • 18:25 How to be yourself while speaking in public with confidence
  • 20:25 Being professional or being yourself – who should you be?
  • 21:53 Difference in confidence and self esteem between men and women
  • 23:45 How Cathy overcame her own fear of public speaking being terrified of giving presentations in school
  • 25:33 How to train your confidence and implement your inner queen or king
  • 28:33 Why emergency content is super important while preparing for an audience
  • 29:26 What else is super important to prepare for your speech
  • 32:00 What could go wrong while talking to an audience
  • 32:40 What Winston Churchill said about preparation for a speech
  • 34:24 Completely changing career after television and what Cathy learned from dying people
  • 40:47 Having built her stage coaching business Cathy moved to Bali to work remotely. Listen to the biggest differences while working in a different culture
  • 44:40 Is Bali just sitting in a bikini on a surf board or is it also great to do business from there?
  • 45:48 Where you can buy Cathy Zimmermann and how you can work with her
  • 47:34 Closing thoughts on following your inner voice
  • 49:01 Finale

In this 50-minute interview, we have the pleasure of hearing from former TV host Cathy Zimmermann, originally from Vienna, Austria, who moved to Bali to work remotely as a stage coach. After ten years of successfully being on TV, she took a complete career turn to work at a hospice with dying people. Today, she distributes her knowledge from stage and television to her clients as a stage and performance coach.

During the interview, Cathy shares her insights on how she pursued her passion and followed her dreams. She recounts how she threw her economics studies to follow her passion for entertainment and broadcasting. Cathy shares her number one advice for those trying to figure out their own path, even when their parents have other ideas. She believes that if we follow our dreams, everything else will fall into place.

As we delve into Cathy’s experience as a TV host, she opens up about her biggest learnings from being on screen for ten years. She talks about the ups and downs of being a public figure and how to overcome limiting beliefs while pursuing your dreams. She also offers tips on how to deal with anxiety while speaking in public and how to be confident while being yourself.

Cathy’s transition from television to hospice work was a complete 180-degree turn in her career, but it was one that she never regretted. Working with dying people taught her invaluable lessons that she now incorporates into her stage coaching business. Cathy shares her experiences of working remotely in Bali, along with tips on how to overcome cultural differences while doing business in a foreign land. She talks about how Bali offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Throughout the interview, Cathy offers practical advice and tips on how to build confidence and be yourself while speaking in public. Whether you’re a professional speaker or someone who gets anxious during presentations, Cathy’s insights will help you conquer your fears and speak with confidence. She also shares how she overcame her own fear of public speaking, which began when she was terrified of giving presentations in school.

Cathy also shares what could go wrong while talking to an audience and how to avoid those pitfalls. She emphasizes the importance of emergency content and preparation, along with the mindset needed to be successful. She quotes Winston Churchill, who said that “success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

If you’re interested in working with Cathy you can find her contact infos here:

Website: https://www.cathyzimmermann.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cathyzimm…

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cathyzimmer…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cathyzimmermann

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