Vienna City Marathon 2022 - Start

Hosting the Vienna City Marathon 2022

Finally experiencing Magic Moments again with 31,000 runners yesterday at the Vienna City Marathon 2022. I am excited to have been the event host of the marathon start together with DJ Stari.

Marathon start with highest honors

The start of a marathon is always something very special. As I have already run the 42.195km twice myself, I can put myself in the position of being at the start very well: tension, excitement and anticipation. For the whole entertainment team, it’s all about getting the runners ready to go.

Vienna City Marathon 2022 - Präsident Alexander van der Bellen + Ronny Leber

This time there was even support from the highest office in the country: a good 20 minutes before the start I had the honor to interview the President of Austria Alexander van der Bellen. It was a great honor to have the Austrian head of state in front of the microphone for the first time at an event.

In the Prater against the inner couch potatoe

After the start I went to the Prater in Vienna, where I hosted the third relay handover for the BMW relay marathon at kilometer 30.8. At this point, where there is also a plaque commemorating the INEOS 1:59 Challenge, runners often need verbal support the most. I know that from my own experience.

Vienna City Marathon 2022 - Entertainment Team - DJ Stari + Max Strametz + Ronny Leber

I was really happy to be part of the entertainment team at the Vienna City Marathon. I am already looking forward to April 23, 2023 – when the marathon will celebrate its 40th edition.

See you soon & keep on running,


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