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New Commercial for the Labor Market Service

Sometimes a job unexpectedly takes me back to the beginnings of my professional life. So back to the roots.

A few weeks ago I recorded a radio commercial for the Austrian labor market service “AMS” in the recording studio. The spot is already being broadcasted on the main radio stations all over Austria.

Back to the roots

This job was something really special for me. Because it was exactly for this client that I had worked as a trainer for job seekers for almost 5 years alongside my studies. In 2010 I dedicated myself to my professional development.

From the voice with love

Working in the recording studio is always a lot of fun for me. For a presenter, the voice is already a unique tool. When recording a commercial, however, my voice is not only a unique tool at my disposal, but actually the only one. For me, the challenge, the thrill of working in the recording studio is to create something out of nothing that triggers images and emotions in the listener. And that solely through my voice. That is fascinating for me again and again.

That’s how the circle closes. It’s a strange feeling that I’m now recording a spot for AMS, for whom I used to work…. kind of funny, right?!? 

How about your voice?

Have you ever been in a recording studio? Do you like your voice when you hear it as an audio recording? How can I help you get more out of your voice? Drop me your answer in a comment!

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