ÖFB TV: Ronny Leber is the Station Voice for new soccer channel

ÖFB TV: Ronny Leber is the Station Voice for new soccer channel

Yeaah, I am the announcer for ÖFB TV!

Today, the new format for ÖFB TV is being launched. I am the voice of ÖFB TV. I am totally happy about that. Being the announcer for ÖFB is a great honor for me and another facet of my 10-year cooperation with the Austrian national team. What do you think the term “announcer” entails? What is my role in this? I present the videos with the motto “this video is presented to you by…”. 

Every move that the Austrian men’s, women’s and youth football-teams make is accompanied by my voice. I sit literally in the front row, or even better, I am right in the middle instead of just being there, and am very closely involved in everything concerning our national football-team or national teams.

What do you see on ÖFB TV?

You can look forward to these topics on ÖFB TV:

  • First of all, of course, several matches from the archives of all national teams: men, women and junior players.
  • Highlights and games from the ÖFB Cup
  • Interviews with the big and small stars of the football scene
  • Insights into the training camp of our national heroes
  • Funny backstage stories
  • Background information, insights and stories about your football stars

Maybe you can sense my enthusiasm. I love this sport and I’m really looking forward to the whole offer and also to finally standing in a stadium again. Above all, I am looking forward to getting a taste of the stadium atmosphere again. Goose bumps are guaranteed.

Are you also at every game of the national team? How important is football for you? Who is your favorite player? Please let me know here in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you!