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Tour de France opens the gates to Colombia

New possibilities for Colombian companies

What if there was a brand new possibility to be part of the fascination of the most exciting race and the third largest sports event in the world? The Tour de France opens the borders for global sponsoring partners and creates new opportunities for companies around the world – including Colombia.

Colombia is a core market for le Tour and a country crazy for cycling. Every year millions of Colombian fans follow riders like Nairo Quintana, Egan Bernal or Rigoberto Uran day by day to experience the excitement at the hardest bike race in the world. 94% of Colombians know of the Tour de France and 67% are interested. 700.000 Colombians watch the stages of the Tour on average every day and more than 26 million accumulated in the three weeks span. Also on social media there is a following of more than 260.000 Colombians just on Facebook and Twitter alone.

The Tour de France is the largest annual sports event in the world. After the Olympic Games and the Soccer World Cup it is number three with 2,5 Billion people getting exposed to the Tour. After having had a long tradition in being a front runner in sponsoring the Tour de France is setting new standards once again.

Until 2018 there was always just one sponsor per field in the world: one bank, one insurance, one telecom provider, one super market chain, etc. Through a smart move in restructuring the contracts with existing partners le Tour is creating incredible opportunities for companies around the world.



Let’s take banking as an example: one of the main sponsors of the Tour de France is the bank LCL. They are a french bank that exists in one country in the world: France. That means that all the other regions in the world were being ignored in the banking sector since LCL does not serve their market. Now, for the first time in the long history of the Tour de France, it is possible to create a regional partnership for a specific geographic market to become a partner of the Tour de France.

Tour the France

Tour the France

Tour the France

Tour the France

Tour the France

Tour the France

This is a very special time. It is in a way like when the new gained land in America was opened up to settlers. When you came first into the unclaimed land it was yours to take. The same applies here. Now is the time to take action and be the first to claim the land in your sector and profit from that partnership through

  • Increased sales
  • Higher brand awareness
  • Deeper brand experience

As a regional partner of the Tour the France you have numerous possibilities such as:

  • Associating your brand with the Tour the France,
  • Having an in-race presence on Colombian TV,
  • Creating an experience in your company with a rider of the Tour de France,
  • Bringing your key customers for a VIP-experience to Paris for the final of the Tour,
  • Using the media & social media channels of the Tour de France in Colombia
  • and many more.

We are pleased to bring this opportunity on behalf of the Tour de France to Colombia. Schedule a call today with Elizabeth Cruz Uribe here to ride the excitement of the most exciting race in the world with your company.

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