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Episode 14: YouTube Growth Hacks to Explode Your Channel with Fitness Guru Mar Planas Codina

Step into the extraordinary journey of @MarItzazoFitness who not only transformed her fitness business but also skyrocketed her YouTube channel to almost 300,000 subscribers in just 1 year! In this exclusive interview, we explore her innovative approaches, challenges, and triumphs that led to this remarkable success story. Before diving in, remember to claim your free gift at, designed to fuel your own growth in fitness and YouTube alike! Whether you’re an aspiring YouTuber, a fitness coach in the making, or simply a fan keen on learning the art of turning dreams into reality, this episode is a must-see!

Timecode for this inspiring interview:

00:00 Meet Mar Planas Codina

02:52 Starting Out: Journey of Total Social Media Growth

05:48 Zeroing in on Your Target Audience: Knowing Who You Serve

06:59 How to Decide on Your Target Audience and the Value of it

09:25 Becoming a Personal Trainer: Reshaping Her Body & Passion for Helping Others

12:27 From Working for Others to Fulfilling Mar’s Own Dreams

14:51 Importance of Combining Nutrition, Strength Training, and Mindset Training

16:53 Why You Should Not Aim for a Weight Goal

19:24 Muscle = Health: How Your Brain Helps You Build Muscles & Avoid the Rebound Effect

22:14 How Training Helps You Build Your Self Confidence

24:11 Tackling the Misconception that Strength Training Will Make a Woman Look Like a Man

27:32 The Secret of Going from 0 to 300,000 Subscribers on YouTube within 1 Year

30:31 Concrete Steps to Accelerate the Growth Curve & Syndicating Your Content

32:22 Growing by 4,000 YouTube Subscribers Per Day & How to Feed the New Subscribers

33:27 The Effect on Your Income Through Massive Growth on YouTube

34:37 The Little Details to Make Your Videos Go Viral

39:17 How to Attract New Fans & Feed Them with What They Want

40:13 The Production Process to Create an Outstanding YouTube Channel

42:11 How Much Time You Need to Schedule into Your Calendar Every Week for Your YouTube Channel

45:21 How YouTube Transformed Mar’s Business & Became a Source of New Clients

47:56 Where You Can Find Mar Planas Codina

48:49 Final Thoughts from Mar & Closing

Welcome back to the Ronny Leber Show, your home for inspirational stories from the trailblazers of sports, business, and entertainment.

This week, we’re beaming all the way from Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸, bringing you an exclusive interview with Mar Planas Codina, a fitness mogul who has revolutionized her life and the lives of many women around the world!

Mar has turned the tables on traditional fitness, fusing strength training, nutrition, and mindset coaching to enable women to reclaim their power and build bodies they love. Her innovative approach has led to a 100-fold growth in her fitness business in just a year!

But the triumph doesn’t stop there. Mar has harnessed the power of “YouTube growth hacks to explode your channel,” growing her subscriber base from 0 to an astounding 280,000 in merely 12 months! This is the story you’ve been waiting for if you’ve ever wondered how to skyrocket your YouTube growth.

Join us as we navigate Mar’s fitness journey, tackle misconceptions around strength training for women, and explore how training helps build self-confidence. We’ll also dig deep into her secrets to massive YouTube growth, from crafting killer content to understanding what your audience craves.

Mar’s success showcases the transformative power of determination and strategic growth hacks. Her story is brimming with nuggets of wisdom that could be the game-changer in your YouTube journey. So buckle up and get ready for an episode that’s sure to inspire and empower!

This weeks guest: Fitness icon & Youtube Star Mar Planas Codina

Youtube: @MarItzazoFitness



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