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Canon Virtual Kick-Off 2021

The new year got off to an excellent start for me, despite the ongoing COVID period. It was already apparent during the course of last year: virtual events and functions are extremely important and are becoming more and more important. The technology is constantly being adapted and improved, so that even digital kick-off events reach an absolute high-end level.

On Jan. 18, I hosted the Canon Kick-Off 2021 as a virtual event. 22 countries were live as Canon Central and Easter Europe celebrated their kick-off event virtually. The live streaming took place from the Studio Nordlicht in Vienna. Beforehand, of course, there was a rehearsal including Covid testing. We had a great setup that resembled a large TV studio. 

Ronny Leber - Virtual Event Host

For me it remains something very special to interact virtually with viewers from a studio. It is and remains a certain challenge to conjure up an atmosphere virtually that is in no way inferior to a live event. We were a top team and looking back I would like to say that all participants felt picked up.

A major contribution of kick-off events are the honors for outstanding achievements. Thus, various awards were presented at this event as well. Awards for the best region, awards for the best team and awards for outstanding performance.

Ronny Leber Event Host Virtual

Of course, a review of 2020 was not to be missed. Although the year was very crisis-ridden for many, if not most, industries, Canon was able to close the past year very successfully. For 2021 there was an outlook from the Managing Director, the B2B and B2C Chiefs and the Strategy Director. 

Overall, it was a lot of fun and I’m already looking forward to the next events together… whether virtually or with a live audience.

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