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Transform Your Audience:

From mere spectators to enthusiastic fans!

Create Unforgettable Events:

With an event host that makes every detail special!

Strengthen Emotional Bonds:

Get your message into the heart of your participants!

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Put an end to boring presenters: Hire enthusiasm!

Book the ideal host and your event will be unforgettable

Event planners...

…don’t have to gamble when it comes to hiring the best host for their events – may it be a corporate event in a business environment or a feel good party to elevate your brand. Live on location or in the virtual world – the search is over. Events need an experienced professional presenter who:

  • brings a deep understanding of your audience,
  • has the ability to help you shape the event flow,
  • and has the gift to charmingly link all parts of your event.
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Event Host Ronny Leber

Event Host

Hosting events is the best way to create a focus around all type of experiences and guiding your audience where you want. I see the task of event moderation to create a bridge between your clients and your product, your brand or your event to create unforgettable moments together. No matter what kind of event you are planning – from the big show to the glossy trade show appearance to an industry congress – make sure you book a professional solution for your company here. Most importantly you want to be hiring a professional emcee that puts a focus on what you need and want for your clients. 

Doesn’t everyone wish to be hiring a presenter who can present charmingly and confidently on the big stage on any topic and still ignite the enthusiasm of the people who breathe life into your gala or big show? I love the very special emotions that a gala brings with it, to find magical bridges between the speakers and the audience and to ensure the right tone between the courses of great food. Best of all, customers who book me as a presenter feel that.

Event Moderator Ronny Leber
Business Moderation Ronny Leber

Many companies often have very different needs when booking a professional presenter. This is what my work with some of the largest companies in the world has taught me. Each type of event as well as each topic brings its own individual form of moderation, which we would like to help you with:

  • Panel discussions
  • Workshops
  • Congress moderation
  • Fair moderation
  • Sales Event Moderation

Whatever hosts your company is looking for… you can find the ideal corporate host here. 

As you may have noticed that times have changed and more and more companies are looking for the next best opportunity to reach their clients online. To make your virtual event a complete success, it is essential to have the right voice to work with and hosting your audience in a purely online or hybrid event. The advantages of an experienced virtual moderator are clearly noticeable for organizers, speakers and participants. A virtual emcee who guides your participants from A to B with confidence and charm and easily conducts virtual interviews not only gives you security, but also gives your participants a real event experience.

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20180509 Uniqa ÖFB Cup Finale Klagenfurt

From the stage of a major event to large stadium experiences with a spectacular show, this kind of moderation of an event is the emotional supreme discipline. Taking numerous people on a journey of emotions and creating magic moments together is one of my specialties as an emcee. For stadium hosts it is like creating the flow of a big party and still putting the organizer’s outcomes first. The number one skill that you should get from a stadium announcer is to take the massive energy from the entire audience and creating more out of it.

Our Vision

We live enthusiasm! We create Magic Moments for people with an audience!

Experience and enthusiasm that you can see and feel

people entertained
interviews conducted

Enthusiastic customers are our motivation

Imagine you are on stage, the spotlights are blinding you and a sea of faces stretches out in front of you – more than 5 million people on five continents. This is the stage experience that Ronny has gained in over a decade. He has had the honor of performing on some of the world’s most prestigious stages and hosting award-winning events.

But it’s not just about the size of the audience. It’s the unforgettable moments that count. The “magic moments” when the audience laughs, cries and bursts into raptures. Moments that bring brands from some of the biggest companies in the world to life and give their stories a human voice.

Ronny’s mission? To make every event, no matter its size or occasion, an unforgettable experience. This starts with your search, then leads to the initial conversation, with some tips on planning beforehand and everything is subordinated to the goal of delivering something special for the audience and a worthy setting and personality for your event.

"If you are looking for a competent and likeable presenter, you should book Ronny. I appreciate his mix of very good preparation combined with spontaneity."
Melanie Rondonell
Melanie Rondonell
Austrian Federal Railways - Brand Manager
"There was a lot of praise and positive feedback from all participants on Ronny's hosting. With the appropriate humor the success was guaranteed! Thank you!"
Christopher Haberlehner
Christopher Haberlehner
ORF Enterprise - Head of Sales TV and Radio
"Ronny has always managed what is very important: to bring our brands emotionally closer to the customers."
Helmut Saller
Helmut Saller
Swatch Group - Managing Director Austria
"Ronny skillfully manages to engage and captivate the audience while elegantly putting the client front and center."
Verena Schwarz
Verena Schwarz
Coface - Head of Communications CEE

We guarantee enthusiasm!

WOW Guarantee

We live and deliver WOWs! If we do not exceed your expectations and you are not 100% enthusiastic about our service, you will get your money back.

Your Key to unforgettable Event Hosting: Frequently Asked Questions

Ronny stands out as a professional event emcee with his unique blend of charisma, expertise and passionate energy that makes every event unforgettable and keeps your audience engaged. With over 1,500 hours of live experience as a TV host and having wowed more than 5 million people at live events worldwide, Ronny knows exactly how to captivate his audience from start to finish and at the same time make your event run smoothly. His ability to present complex topics in an accessible and entertaining way, coupled with his expertise in creating Magic Moments, guarantees a presentation that effectively stages your message while taking your event to the next level.

Ronny is the ideal presenter for a wide range of events, whether it’s corporate events, sporting events, gala evenings or even TV shows. His versatility allows him to adapt seamlessly to the format and target audience, always building a deep connection with the audience. With his expertise and unrivaled talent for sparking enthusiasm, Ronny turns every event into a unique experience. His commitment to delivering tailored content that both entertains and inspires makes him the first choice for event organizers looking to book a presenter who is guaranteed to create memorable moments.

Ronny attaches great importance to careful and individual preparation for every event. His aim is to enrich every event with tailor-made content and a deep emotional connection with the audience. To achieve this, he works closely with event organizers to fully understand their goals, desired atmosphere and target audience. Information about the event theme, the objective, the audience and the desired effect are essential for him. This close coordination enables Ronny to create an emcee structure that not only informs and entertains, but also inspires and moves in the long term. Thanks to his professional preparation, every event becomes an unforgettable experience that is tailored precisely to the needs and wishes of the organizer and the audience.

Don’t worry if you don’t yet have a finished concept for your event. Ronny is not only an experienced event host, but also an expert in conceptualizing and designing holistic successful event experiences. His extensive experience of working with a wide range of events makes him the ideal partner to help shape your event from the ground up. From the initial idea to the final implementation, Ronny will help you develop a concept that is tailored to your needs, communicates your message effectively and creates an unforgettable experience for your audience. Our team is also used to working closely with your event planner. Use Ronny’s creativity and expertise to create your next corporate event that will inspire and be remembered.

As an event presenter, Ronny has an extraordinary ability to transform your next event into a lively and inspiring experience. The experienced emcee with his unique “Magic Moments Formula” is not only entertaining guests, he also creates emotional highlights that your audience will remember for a long time. Ronny is a master at harnessing the energy of the moment, skillfully incorporating interactive elements to create an atmosphere that captivates and inspires your guests. His lively event hostings are tailored to your event objectives and audience engagement, creating a profound connection between your message and those in attendance. Book Ronny as a Master of Ceremonies to not only give your event a professional setting, but to make it an unforgettable highlight that will be positively remembered and make your brand shine.

Ronny is characterized by his versatility and ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to a wide range of industries. His expertise spans a broad spectrum, including the automotive and transportation industries, technology, telecommunications, finance and insurance, as well as the watch industry. In addition, Ronny has also demonstrated his event hosting skills in innovative fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) and biotechnology. Despite this industry-specific experience, Ronny is by no means limited to certain sectors as a moderator. His strength lies in his ability to quickly adapt to new topics and challenges in order to create tailor-made, inspiring and content-rich events for any audience. With Ronny as your emcee, you can be sure of a flexible and adaptable professional who will make your corporate event a success, whatever the industry.

Yes, absolutely. Ronny is known for his exceptional flexibility and ability to tailor content specifically to your company and event. With a deep understanding of brand dynamics and event objectives, he develops precisely tailored event hostings that not only perfectly capture your event theme, but also vividly convey your company values and messages. By working closely with you from the conception phase through to delivery, Ronny ensures that every presentation is unique, relevant and memorable. His aim is to create a bespoke experience that engages your audience and leaves a lasting impact.

To book Ronny as an emcee /  presenter for your upcoming event, we recommend that you check his availability immediately to ensure that your desired date is free. You can do this easily by using our contact form on the website or by emailing us directly at [email protected]. In your booking, please provide us with basic information about your event, such as the type of event, date, location and your specific wishes or goals. We will then get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the details and ensure that Ronny is perfectly suited to your event. Make a non-binding enquiry now.

Ronny is characterized by his impressive flexibility, so he is also able to take on bookings at very short notice – even if it should be an emergency, such as an hour before a panel discussion with a former FIFA football player of the year. However, to ensure Ronny’s availability and to take advantage of the opportunity to incorporate his valuable input and expert knowledge into the planning of your event, we recommend that you make a request as early as possible. Early planning not only allows for a smooth collaboration, but also a customized preparation that will make your event memorable. Check Ronny’s availability now by using our contact form or by sending an email directly to [email protected].

Ronny is a linguistically skilled event host, fluent in both English and German, ensuring seamless communication and connection with a diverse audience. His proficiency extends to conducting interviews in Spanish, adding an extra layer of flexibility and global appeal to his hosting capabilities. Whether your event is local or international, Ronny’s multilingual talents guarantee an engaging and inclusive experience for all attendees.

Ronny, with his passionate love of travel and extensive experience on five continents, is far more than just an event host. He is a worldwide ambassador of enthusiasm who can turn your live event into an unforgettable experience anywhere in the world. His emcee gigs portfolio spans Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia – Ronny brings his unique blend of energy, expertise and enthusiasm to wherever you need him. Whether your event takes place in the vibrant metropolis of New York, under the glowing northern lights of Scandinavia or on the sunny shores of Australia, Ronny is ready to be wherever you want his inspirational facilitation.

Yes, Ronny is not only an expert for an in-person event, but also an experienced presenter for virtual and hybrid events and has a deep understanding of how to excite and engage online audiences. His skills range from hosting interactive webinars over dynamic live streams to leading full production virtual events that captivate audiences regardless of their location. Using cutting-edge technology and a creative approach, Ronny seamlessly adapts his methods to the digital format to deliver an experience as engaging and immersive as face-to-face events. Whether your next event is fully online or offers a mix of in-person and online participation, Ronny is the perfect virtual event emcee to make your online or hybrid event a success. Explore how Ronny’s emceeing can enhance your digital event by checking his availability now.

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