About Ronny

About Ronny

Ronny is a keynote speaker and event host for corporate and sports events and has worked live with more than 5 million people worldwide over the course of his career. He is one of the few trainers for Tony Robbins and loves to incorporate the human and emotional component into his speeches to create, together with the audience, unique and extraordinary emotions they will remember forever.

Ronny’s vocation is to inspire people to keep reaching for their dreams, to ignite a lasting and motivating spark in them. It is his passion to entertain people and create magic moments – with them and for them. All guests should experience extraordinary and unforgettable emotions they take back into their lives and daily routines. It was precisely for this reason that he made his keynotes as he wanted to share his acquired knowledge and experience with others.

In the e-book “In 7 Steps to an Enthusiastic Audience”, Ronny summarizes his learnings into 7 consecutive steps and offers people a checklist for the perfect event preparation.


    How it all started…

1987 Anfänge in Public Speaking Nikolo
1986 – 2008: Education
  • Elementary School
  • High School
  • Business School
  • High School in Maine/USA
  • Austrian Armed Forces
  • Economics Studies (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
  • Sports Sciences Studies (University of Vienna)

Various extra jobs since I was 12 years old.
All the jobs I held during my university education allowed me to gain insight into many industries. I was able to quickly expand my knowledge of human nature in a practical way in sales when visiting over 3,000 people at home and holding training courses concerning sales and commerce.
For five years, I led training events for job seekers, but I always lacked some component.

2001 Tony Robbins Hawaii
2001: Learning from the best

When I first met Tony Robbins back in 2001, it was clear to me that I wanted to move in new directions and learn from the best in the world, in this case from the number one life and business coach in the world. Since 2016, I feel honored to be one of just over 100 trainers worldwide of Tony Robbins, the world’s No.1 life and business coach.

It is an enrichment to go the extra mile, to gain new experiences and learn new things: this is precisely what enriches my lectures and my audience.

2016 Tony Robbins Trainer Promotion
2016 Tony Robbins Trainer Promotion

Also in other areas I was inspired by the best. At my numerous experiences shadowing and sharing in the US and Germany I was able to get to look behind the curtains from teams such as the Miami Dolphins, the Dallas Cowboys, the Miami Heat, the New York Knicks or the L.A. Kings as well as the German soccer national team. A very special highlight for me (in the picture) as the meeting with the most famous sports voice in the world: ring announcer legend Michael “let’s get ready to rumble” Buffer.

2012 Von den Besten Lernen Meilenstein mit Michael Buffer
2012 Meeting with Michael Buffer in Munich
2014 Summer Splash für Event das mich begeistert hat
Where is the passion?

I continued to face a crucial confrontation with myself and the question: Where is my passion? What moves me emotionally? And much more: What could keep my fire burning to such an extent that I would do it for free?


I quickly concluded: since I can remember, I am fascinated by events that bring people together around the world, such as Football World Championships, Olympic Games, or concerts. Big events that leave the following impression: time stops, and, at this moment, the whole world revolves around this one event. The next question arose: How can I be and become a part of these events?

2011 In den Anfängen American Football WM
2009 – 2014: First steps

I was able to get some first event hosting experience and turned over the years into a
stadium and major event host, as well as a speaker at gala and business events. The first milestones of my career as an event host took mainly place in the sports sector:

2009 Stadium spokesman at the Vienna Capitals – our professional ice hockey team in Vienna
2011 Moderation of the American Football World Championship
2011 Moderation of my first country match and the CUP-Final of the ÖFB
2012 Olympic Youth Games in Innsbruck
2013 World Ski Championships in Schladming

2018 Keynote
From 2014: Ronny goes corporate

Event hosting in the business sector Since 2014: Erste Bank Open at the Wiener Stadthalle (ATP tennis tournament) 2015: First keynote lecture ‘The stadium principle’ From 2015: Keynotes and event hosting at corporate events for brands like Coca-Cola, Samsung, T-Mobile, A1, VOEST Alpine, Austrian Post and many more. In 2017: A dream came true as a boxing ring announcer Since 2019: Moderation Vienna City Marathon 2019: Moderation of the century run by Eliud Kipchoge – INEOS 1:59 Challenge


Since I always want to learn from the best in my profession, there was host shadowing, among others, at a boxing match of Vitali Klitschko vs Dereck Chisora on invitation of RTL, at the NFL with the Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, at the NBA with the Miami Heat , Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks, at the NHL with the L.A. Kings and DFB with Germany vs Netherlands.

2018 Ring Announcer Boxing
2018 Ring Announcer Boxing
2018 NYC Marathon scaled
Strong will and endurance

I have always been a sports enthusiast and, therefore, decided to study sports science. I love to put myself to the test, show willpower and extraordinary athletic performances. I played football in a club for a long time, was national champion with the school fistball team and won dance tournaments in Latin dances in 3 countries. As a ski and snowboard instructor, I was besides winter sports also enthusiastic about other sports such as tennis and golf.
I took part in the Vienna City Marathon in 2001 and even at the New York City Marathon in 2018 – the fulfilment of a lifelong dream.

2019 Skifahren Saalbach
2019 Skifahren in Saalbach

cPhilippLipiarski 01371
New horizons

To share even more of my experiences in the last 2 decades I have decided to offer high-level executive coaching to help people who have already achieved a lot in life and are at the forefront of their work, to sharpen their message and maximize their impact. All of this takes place with communication – first with ourselves and then with everyone else – and that’s where I start