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No more boring keynotes: Book enthusiasm!

Book a keynote speaker: Ronny brings enthusiasm to your event!

Ronny: The keynote speaker who makes the difference

The task of the keynote speaker is to create a bridge between your guests and your product, your brand or your event in order to convey a specific message. It’s all about the spark! The best engine oil is useless if the ignition fails and the engine doesn’t start. Ronny sees it as his task to ignite an initial spark with his impulsive presentations using vivid examples, rousing rhetoric and motivating liveliness.

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Selecting professional keynote speakers...

…doesn’t have to be a game of chance – the search for the top speaker has come to an end. Events, from kick-offs to corporate events, need a professional speaker. No matter what type of business event your company is planning – from a large meeting to a glossy trade fair appearance to a conference or congress presentation, you can book a tailor-made solution for a variety of presentation topics – the ideal presentation for your audience.

Hire a keynote speaker that can deliver at in-person events as well as online

What are great qualities to search for when you hire a corporate speaker or motivational speaker for your company? Consider booking a speaker that is motivational and has has a track record of delivering outstanding results for a business, an event, a meeting respectively a conference. Especially in today’s world you need to be hiring a speaker who is great and motivational in speaking in all types of settings – in front of a live audience as well as delivering his best content virtually. A form of art for motivational keynote speakers is to engage your customers with the best combination of body language and spoken word – no matter of the type of your event or meeting that your business is planing.

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Why to consider hiring Ronny as a Keynote Speaker

Doesn’t everyone want to hire the perfect keynote speaker who can speak charmingly and confidently on the big stage on any topic and still be motivational and ignite people’s enthusiasm? I see the task of corporate speakers and top motivational speakers to create a bridge between your audience and your product, brand or event, to create unforgettable moments together and to convey a message. No matter what kind of event or program you are planning – from a large conference to a glossy trade show appearance to a elite meeting of the best performers in your industry – you can book a tailor-made solution on various topics for you – the best speech for your audience.

Ronny's Keynotes

The Fan Principle:
How To Turn Your Customers Into Fans

Turning your own customers into true fans – the dream of every company. As a stadium presenter in front of an audience of millions, Ronny knows every move of the big sports teams, how they manage to emotionally bind their fans. In this impulsive speech, learn how they, too, take enthusiastic fans who want to wear “their colors” on an emotional journey. You will learn binding communication in success and failure and rousing experiences for your community with vivid examples in the fan principle.

Fanprinzip Mitarbeiter zu Fans machen
Gemeinsam gewinnen

The Stadium Principle:
Winning Together

In the stadium principle, you will immerse yourself in the fascination of a stadium experience. Ronny takes you along emotionally in this inspiring presentation and welds your “team” into a unit! The experience in front of an audience of millions, customized for your team: a teambuilding of a different kind! Make enthusiasm tangible, build momentum, experience common magic moments to win as a team! Ignite enthusiastic fireworks with the stadium principle!

The Marathon Principle:
Peak Performance When It Counts

The myth of the marathon is often emblematic of ambitious goals, a prolonged process and persistent determination. In this gripping keynote, marathon runner and marathon moderator Ronny reports from his own experience on overcoming human depths to completing his first marathon in under 2 hours. Learn from the precise preparation, the supportive environment to the iron stamina in the marathon principle.

Marathonprinzip Spitzenleistung wenns drauf ankommt

See Ronny as a public speaker in this video

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Successful keynotes: The result of years of expertise

people entertained live
hours live on TV

Happy customers and partners

Just imagine: An auditorium filled with expectant gazes, the lights dimming and the atmosphere electric. For over a decade, Ronny has taken to stages around the world, to audiences of over 5 million people on five continents. As one of the best keynote speakers, he has the ability to connect deeply with his audience.

But it’s not just the impressive numbers that count. It’s the magical moments that are a real highlight. The moments when his audience is captivated by his words, laughs, reflects and is swept up in a wave of enthusiasm. Ronny is not only an expert in the topics he speaks about, but also a gifted entertainer. He delivers topics such as leadership, motivation and team building in a way that excites, informs and inspires.

His keynotes and keynote speeches are far more than just words. They are experiences that bring brands, companies and stories to the fore. With a unique blend of expertise and entertainment, he ensures that every event is an unforgettable experience. As one of the leading inspirational speakers, Ronny’s focus is always on ensuring that every participant leaves not only informed, but also inspired and motivated.

"Ronny created a great and motivating energy that lasted the entire event. Absolutely top recommendation for real WOW moments!"
Denny Kaninck Allianz
Denny Kaninck
Allianz - Senior Associate
"Ronny made motivation tangible for everyone. Our participants hung on his every word the entire speech - lots of smiles, active participation and moving stories."
Celina Dohr WB Stmk
Celina Dohr
Economic Association Styria - Head of Marketing
"TOP! Our participants were enthusiastic and really shaken awake in the early morning. The common La Ola wave was a Magic Moment for me!"
Franziska Heiser
Franziska Heiser
German MTM Association - Event Manager
"Ronny was very engaging and motivating. All around, our guests were thrilled with his performance as the closing speaker."
Marcus Renziehausen
Marcus Renziehausen
CEO of The Engineers Of Finance

Captivating Keynotes Guaranteed

WOW Guarantee

Our promise: Our keynotes captivate and inspire. If you are not inspired, you will get 100% of your money back. Your enthusiasm is our goal.

Your key to an inspiring keynote: answers to your questions

The energy and enthusiasm that Ronny brings to the stage are infectious. He is a master at energizing and inspiring his audience by creating an atmosphere where laughter, reflection and personal growth flow. His presence transforms every keynote into a lively and motivating experience that leaves the audience enriched and inspired.

Ronny’s keynotes highlight topics such as customer delight, team building and peak performance, each wrapped in engaging stories and practical insights. From the Fan Principle, which shows how to turn customers into true fans, to the Stadium Principle, which fosters team spirit and community, to the Marathon Principle, which strengthens perseverance and leadership, each presentation offers valuable insights for lasting change and a deep emotional connection with the audience. Ronny’s interactive approach paired with a wealth of know-how creates unforgettable moments that inspire, motivate and have a lasting impact.

Ronny’s keynotes are ideal for a wide range of events – from large corporate events and specialist conferences to inspiring team-building retreats, motivational workshops and exclusive VIP meetings. As a guest speaker, Ronny brings a breath of fresh air to annual kick-off events, enlivens award ceremonies with genuine enthusiasm and creates emotional highlights at product launches. Whether live or digital, Ronny’s talks are flexibly customizable to inspire your audience and deliver a message that sticks.

The stadium principle unfolds its effect by uniting and motivating your team through rousing stories and effective analogies from the world of sport. It creates a strong sense of community and ignites a firework of enthusiasm that inspires employees to pursue common goals with energy and passion. By capturing the dynamism and team spirit of major sporting events, the Stadium Principle fosters a culture of excellence, improves communication and strengthens cohesion – essential factors for succeeding in today’s fast-paced business world.

The fan principle focuses not only on inspiring customers, but also on turning them into true fans of your brand. Even in times when artificial intelligence seems to be omnipresent, this is about emotional connections and creating shared “magic moments”. The willingness to always go the extra mile to offer unforgettable experiences is another integral component. Through authenticity, passion and an exceptional feedback culture, it fosters strong customer loyalty and transforms satisfied customers into active brand ambassadors.

How does the Marathon Principle support goal achievement and motivation? The Marathon Principle offers a powerful metaphor for goal achievement and perseverance, ideal for anyone with big goals or facing challenges. It illustrates how precise preparation, a supportive environment and ironclad perseverance work together to achieve even the most ambitious goals. By incorporating this principle into keynotes, it shows how to build motivation, use setbacks as stepping stones and consistently work towards success using the same strategies that drive top athletes to peak performance.

Ronny’s keynotes offer valuable insights and strategies aimed directly at strengthening your employer branding. By creating shared experiences and conveying inspiring messages, they help to promote a positive corporate culture and strengthen employees’ identification with your company. The stadium principle, in particular, is excellent for creating team spirit and sparking enthusiasm among employees, which in turn leads to a stronger employer brand. As a speaker for your event, Ronny will show you how to effectively communicate your company’s values and vision, thereby not only creating a strong bond internally, but also presenting an attractive image of your company as an outstanding employer to the outside world.

To book Ronny as a guest speaker for your next event, we recommend that you simply send us a no-obligation inquiry using the contact form on our website or contact us directly by email at [email protected]. Please state the type of event, your objectives, the reason for choosing Ronny, as well as the date and location of the event. Our speakers bureau will then contact you immediately to discuss the details and plan the best possible contribution for your event.

Ronny is known for his flexibility and quick availability. In urgent cases, he can also customize his keynote for your event within a few days. However, when choosing a premium speaker, many dates are often fully booked well in advance. Therefore, as with many of the best speakers, we recommend booking as early as possible to secure your preferred date. Please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible with your preferred date so that we can check availability and arrange everything necessary for an unforgettable event.

To book Ronny as one of your guest speakers for your international event, simply reach out through our contact form or send an email to [email protected] with essential details such as the nature of your event, your objectives, why you believe Ronny is the perfect fit, as well as the date and location. Ronny is a globally recognized speaker, regularly engaging audiences across continents with his dynamic and impactful keynotes in both English and German. Our booking team will promptly get in touch to discuss your requirements and confirm Ronny’s availability, ensuring your event is a memorable success.

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