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I understand the challenge of hiring the right Keynote Speaker for your event. From my experience with more than 4 million people in live-entertainment that an event stands and falls with the quality of the protagonists – in this situation with the quality of the speaker. My aim is to make this site easy for you to make a good decision for your event.

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About Ronny Leber

Ronny Leber

The reason why I do, what I do is simple: I love to entertain and inspire people in a positive way. I love to create “Magic Moments” - moments that make you go to bed at night with a smile, wake you up in the morning with a grin or simply experiences you can tell your grandchildren of. To build a bridge between the audience and the protagonists and to create an emotional bond. I feel priviledged to have entertained more than 5 million people live in the last 10 years. With this desire to generate emotions and to pass on this knowledge I have also created my keynotes. Let us create such Magic Moments and WOW your audience together.

Keynote Speech Examples:

Keynote Stadium principle – winning together
Keynote Power principle - to the goal through successful interaction
Keynote At the push of a button: peak performance when it matters most
Keynote on How innovative companies benefit from the digitalisation in sports


Do you know that feeling, when an entire stadium stands behind a team? That moment when the fire jumps from the team to the fans? This feeling of having contributed a part to this atmosphere and to the victory? Why should only sport teams enjoy this advantage?

In my Keynote speech on the “Stadium principle”, I bring in my experience from working with over 4 million people over the past 10 years and tell you how we can also benefit from such emotions in our everyday work. In simple steps we explain what entrepreneurs and employees can learn from the best sports teams and events and how we can win together. Why should only big sport teams experience these Magic moments regularly? What would happen if you could regularly experience and create special emotions in everyday life and thus not only advance your own performance but also the performance of your company?

In the stadium, it is clear to every fan that the support and encouragement of their own team will carry the team forward. One shows particular colours with the pride. What seems so self-evident at sports events also applies to everyday working life: the more my company shines, the more passion, pride and sense of togetherness everyone experiences. Learn now in the stadium principle how you can win together.

You will experience this in stadium principle:

  • What are the advantages of using it for your own company?
  • How can I win through my own efforts?
  • Methods to get excited about own work
  • To experience magic moments at workplac
  • To build a mutual sense of togetherness

In this entertaining and practical speech you will experience, how you win together as a team and thereby grow together as a company.


People in sales or in management positions often have big goals, but here and there the implementation is lacking because they lack the necessary power or motivation. A topic, with which financial service providers and sales organisations in particular are confronted, as well as other groups and companies. In the Power Principle you will learn how to close the gap between your goal and the current situation easily.

Not only as a 5-star speaker but also since 2016 as one of over 100 trainers worldwide for the world's number 1 life and business coach Tony Robbins from the USA, the terms performance, business and sales are part of my everyday life. With dynamism, power and above all the experience of having more than 3 million people entertained live, you will experience the power principle of achieving a success-oriented attitude with which you can achieve all your goals.

You will experience this in power principle:

  • What is motivation and how will I get this?
  • To be able to use power of the positive emotions correctly
  • The secret of Leadership psychology
  • How you achieve your personal success strategy
  • Program your success
  • uvm.

In this practical speech you will experience first-hand how your goals not only remain ideas but how you can take your success into your own hands and above all put it into practice.


In my role as motivator and stadium announcer I experience very close emotional exceptional situations in the world of sports and know how important self-motivation and top performance are at the push of a button. I have often seen how close failure and victory can be to each other. But what's the difference between those who outgrow themselves at decisive moments to access their peak performance and those who don't? In this motivating keynote, you will experience how peak performance is not only called upon by athletes and how you motivate yourself when it matters.

The physical body is only one component when it comes to accessing your peak state. Just as important on the path to success are the right communication and one's own focus. All of these three have an impact on the emotional state and if you are able to change them at your own will it results in the ideal, emotional condition for the successful achievement of your goals. This keynote addresses itself particularly to leadership personnel in businesses, to whom it is important to deliver at the highest standard when it really counts.

This is what you experience "at the push of a button":

  • Which critical factors decide between winning and failure
  • How you can access your peak state anytime at will
  • Why it depends on the right interaction of body, mind and language
  • How we decide for our goals with confidence and achieve them
  • The power of our words and communication
  • etc.

In this empowering keynote you will experience how you and your team can perform at the highest level. When everything is on the line.


Innovation in sports is not only connected to new records and titles. Oftentimes those technical innovations are precisely the drivers that have an effect beyond the world of sports and act as catalysts for the entire economy. In this keynote, you will enter the fascinating world of innovative training centres and state-of-the-art pit lanes and learn how innovative companies can profit from the constant digitalisation in sports.

Sports clubs and training teams are working hard to take advantage of technological breakthroughs to optimize communication, team leadership and performance. This gives them an immense advantage over opposing teams. In many cases a match is decided by the technological edge over the competitors. This is just as valid in the world of business. Formula 1 has always been a driver of technology, but today it's hard to imagine even football, tennis and many other sports without high tech. Sensors and camera recordings, for example, help teams and referees to make better decisions. At the same time, tech innovations add enormous value to the fans as well.

Just recently, it was unthinkable for a person to run a marathon in under two hours. Until Eliud Kipchoge did exactly that. As a stadium host at the finish line, I experienced first-hand the incredible technological effort that was put into optimizing human performance and making the unthinkable possible. In this keynote, we will see how smart algorithms improve performance, avoid mistakes and increase speed. At the same time, companies take advantage of major sporting events and use their wave of enthusiasm to bring their own innovative technologies to market.

This interaction between the sports and business world is demonstrated with many prominent examples. From the Miracle of Bern to the first world championship title of Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda to the introduction of the video assistant in football. The dynamics of sports are captured and made entertaining and diverting with interactive elements.

The only way to recognize the chances of new technologies in good time and to take something of the sporting progress for your own competitive advantage is to keep an eye on the ground-breaking digital innovations in the world of sports.

This will spark your inner inventor:

  • How technological progress in sports determines victory or defeat
  • How companies benefit from digitization in sports
  • How sports acts as a driver for digitization
  • How sporting innovations reach the corporate world
  • Which new technologies from sports also help companies to advance
  • How companies use major sporting events for their own product launches
  • etc.

In this fascination keynote speech you will experience how you can stay ahead of the game. Get inspired by the digital world of sports.

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Ronny as Keynote Speaker:
Happy Customers And Partners

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Those who have already experienced Ronny as a Keynote Speaker:

Joe Williams

“Ronny is an extraordinary man. He is not only talented but also his heart is in the right place. He is authentically humorous guy. I highly recommend you: If you have the opportunity – work with him!”

Joe Williams
Former Head-Trainer at Anthony Robbins

Martin Betschart

“Creating magic moments – that’s what Ronny Leber achieved with his talk in an extremely sympathetic way. He creates a real we-feeling in the room! The parallels between sports events and business teams clearly show the importance of enthusiasm at work for the success of a company!”

Martin Betschart
Autor & Erfolgs-Coach

Marcus Renziehausen

“We, as the lateral thinkers among the investment experts, have had Mr. Ronny Leber talk at our partner congress 2017 in Northeim on the topic “winning together”. He was very stirring and motivating. The mood during his lecture was relaxed and inspiring. All around our guests were thrilled by his appearance as the final speaker for day 1. We thank you very much for this emotional experience and wish Mr. Leber continued success on his way.”

Marcus Renziehausen
CEO of The Engineers of Finance

Dr. Clemens Widhalm

“Ronny knows how to move people! He has a lot of fun himself and he just lets it be felt. I take it for granted that positive dynamics can be planned.”

Dr. Clemens Widhalm
Geschäftsführer Dale Carnegie Austria

Dipl. Ing. Thomas W. Albrecht

“For me, Ronny Leber is someone who knows how to move people. He is good at moving people from one place to another – physically and emotionally. Ronny manages to bring people into a better emotional state, that these laugh, joy us have fun. What I take away from today are the Magic Moments – what I was not aware of is that you can do those magic moments, because that appeals to my participants as much as to say afterwards, that was unique and I’ll always remember it”

Dipl. Ing. Thomas W. Albrecht
Managing Director

Mag. Markus Steindorfer

“Ronny really lives up when he talks about the stadium and this atmosphere. Ronny knows how to captivate the participants with his convincing style and wit. For me as a lawyer, it is also very interesting that people are also convinced of my appearance, of my convictions and I can take that for me and transfer it into my everyday life.”

Mag. Markus Steindorfer

Andreas Eulgem

“We were extremely pleased with the cooperation with Mr. Leber. The preparation was very professional and in partnership! Mr. Leber has achieved exactly what we have in mind with his presentation. The audience was “awakened” and motivated by his lecture! The statement that we all wear the “same jerseys” has stuck in our heads and strengthens the idea of ​​cooperation! Thus, we can best recommend Mr. Leber.”

Andreas Eulgem

Dr. Summer Knight

“Ronny is really in his heart and he is so committed to connecting with people. When I think about it, I have to smile.”

Dr. Summer Knight
Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Mike Savage

“When it comes to someone who can brighten a room and at the same time can be very sensible and active, then there is no better person than Ronny! Anyone who can come to life and inspire an individual, a small group or a stadium full of people is a valuable asset – and that is what Ronny brings.”

Mike Savage
Trainer and Coach for Anthony Robbins
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