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…does not have to be a game of chance – the search for the right keynote speaker has come to an end. Event managers need to find and like a professional keynote speaker who:

  • has a deep understanding of your audience,
  • has the ability to shape the event flow with his keynote speech,
  • has the gift to charmingly connect all parts of your event.
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Before you hire a keynote speaker make sure that he understands your goals and your audience

When hiring a keynote speaker you want to make sure that your outcomes are in clear alignment with the keynote speech of your speaker. A deep understanding of your audience is critical in order to get the best experience for everyone. The key to taking the speech you want to hire from good to great is to help the keynote or motivational speaker to be crystal clear of who your audience is and what you want to accomplish through your event. That way he can take your targets and make the best speech for your event, meeting or conference. You may want to be speaking with the keynote speaker first before you consider hiring him for your program.

Hire a keynote speaker that can deliver at in-person events as well as online

What are great qualities to search for when you hire a keynote speaker or motivational speaker for your company? Consider booking a speaker that is motivational and has has a track record of delivering outstanding results for a business, an event, a meeting respectively a conference. Especially in today’s world you need to be hiring a speaker who is great and motivational in speaking in all types of settings – in front of a live audience as well as delivering his best content virtually. A form of art for keynote speakers is to engage your customers with the best combination of body language and spoken word – no matter of the type of your event or meeting that your business is planing.

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Ronny Leber als Keynote Speaker in Österreich

Why to consider hiring Ronny as a Keynote Speaker

Doesn’t everyone want to hire a keynote speaker who can speak charmingly and confidently on the big stage on any topic and still be motivational and ignite people’s enthusiasm? I see the task of keynote speakers and motivational speakers to create a bridge between your audience and your product, brand or event, to create unforgettable moments together and to convey a message. No matter what kind of event or program you are planning – from a large conference to a glossy trade show appearance to a elite meeting of the best performers in your industry – you can book a tailor-made solution on various topics for you – the best speech for your audience.

Ronny's Keynotes

Keynote Speech: At the push of a button - Peak performance when it counts

Are you looking for an expert who can give your audience a motivational boost to more successfully achieve your goals – works great in business as well as in life? Top suitable for management and sales and all who need to learn how to achieve peak performance “at the push of a button”. Using simple steps, you will then know how to get yourself into a peak state at any time. If success is top of mind in your business, this is the best keynote for you.

Das Powerprinzip

Keynote Speech: The Power Principle - Achieve your goals through successful action

Leadership, success and motivation are the topics of this keynote on the power principle. As a company, finding the right keynote speakers or motivational speakers for the top tier is always something important. In this lecture participants will learn everything about their own success strategy, the power of positive emotions the secrets of leadership psychology as well as the best tools for self and external motivation. Ronny brings his knowledge to life, which he has acquired in his more than 20-year collaboration with life & business coach Tony Robbins, who trained him personally.

Keynote Speech: The Stadium Principle - Winning Together

In Ronny’s over a decade’s worth of experience with an audience of millions, he has learned a lot about uniting a team, igniting momentum and creating magic moments. Many companies that book a keynote speaker put team building in the foreground to learn because they want to find ways to be even more successful as a unit. That’s what the stadium principle is all about…. to help you to win together. If you want to find a great motivational speech make sure to contact us about the stadium principle.

Gemeinsam gewinnen
Ronny Leber OE24

Keynote: Every day the normal madness! Flexibility is my profession

Flexibility is a question of mindset: How would you react if the director brings a lady into the studio whose name you don’t know, you don’t know why she’s here at all and what her story is, but you have to talk to her live in front of an audience of millions in just a few minutes? Or what to do when the lights suddenly go out shortly before the start of an international match and you don’t know how long you will now be “allowed” to entertain the stadium? How do your employees and leadership react in unexpected situations? That’s where flexibility is needed! Fittingly, the topic of error culture is also completely revisited, because we are all not perfect and that’s a good thing!

See Ronny as a keynote speaker in this video

Keynotes from a professional with experience

The charm of Ronny’s keynotes comes from having been on stage in front of more than 5 million people on 5 continents. Coupled with over 1,500 hours of live TV, this makes for a top speaker combination that can positively move any audience.

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"Motivator Ronny Leber inspires with his keynotes! He knows how to excite and motivate large groups. Professional and reliable!"
Heinrich Kuerzeder
Heinrich Kürzeder
Author: The Speakermaker
"Ronny creates a real sense of 'we' in the room and clearly demonstrates the importance of enthusiasm at work to the success of a business!"
Martin Betschart
Martin Betschart
Author & Success Coach
"TOP! Our participants were enthusiastic and really shaken awake in the early morning. The common La Ola wave was a Magic Moment for me!"
Franziska Heiser
Franziska Heiser
German MTM Association - Event Manager
"Ronny was very engaging and motivating. All around, our guests were thrilled with his performance as the closing speaker."
Marcus Renziehausen
Marcus Renziehausen
CEO of The Engineers Of Finance

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