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Hire the ideal virtual emcee and your online meetings or virtual events will be unforgettable

Hiring a virtual master of ceremonies...

…doesn’t have to be a gamble – the search for emcees is over. To emcee virtual events and online meetings need a professional virtual host who:

  • brings a deep understanding of your attendees,
  • has the ability to co-create the event flow in the virtual space,
  • and the gift to charmingly link all parts of your online event or virtual meeting.


Regardless of the topics of your online event and whether you want to book the virtual event emcee in English or German – I am happy to flexibly meet the needs of your event. When you are looking for a way to engage your audience and keep up the energy through camera and video in the virtual space you are at a great place.

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Event emcee for your virtual events and conferences

I see my task in hosting virtual events as creating a bridge between your audience and your event in order to jointly create unforgettable moments for each participant. No matter what kind of event you are planning – from a big virtual awards show to a glossy virtual corporate event or a big virtual conference with several speakers over multiple days – you can book a professional event emcee solution for your virtual event here. My team and I are also happy to answer any questions you may have about technology and virtual event concepts as well as structuring your virtual event content, so that your attendees are going to get the full live event experience with an authentic and engaging event feeling and without technical dead ends.

Host for virtual meetings

Facilitating virtual meetings – from a business kick-off meeting for your team to a joint international multilingual corporate meeting – sets special rules in the online world. Constant learning for the participants in cooperation with the online host lets the virtual communication grow fast in any team. When being the host for virtual meetings, the focus is on creating engagement with every person, without getting lost in technical details, while strengthening collaboration between audiences. Events in the digital age require even more by the host to take the attendee by the hand and to lead them engaged and with lots of energy through the meeting.

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Facilitator for online workshops and trainings

In contrast to virtual meetings, virtual workshops and training sessions requires every person to work together as a team to achieve a common outcome. Experience helps in facilitating online workshops and trainings as it is more about helping the team to work together and to develop a virtual workshop goal through the help of questions about a topic and various training tools to lead the audiences to the desired outcome. When hosting your virtual workshop or training, it is my job to take the participants by the hand and strengthen the team through collaboration and tools without technical boundaries. Especially online it is important to be engaging and get your attendees in a high energy state and keep them there throughout the whole live experience.

Your professional virtual event emcee with experience

In front of more than 5 million people on 5 continents at award-winning events live on stage, tens of thousands at virtual events and over 1,500 hours live on TV, Ronny has wowed his audience. This is what our customers say…

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"Ronny helped us with a panel discussion as a moderator with valuable results for the audience. It was one of the three best sessions of the entire convention."
Enrique Robledo
Enrique Robledo
Continental - Head of Continental Business Systems Methods
"Ronny is an exceptional presenter. He brings a lot of experience and knows exactly what the audience, as well as the speakers, need to feel comfortable."
Martina Szawlowski
Martina Szawlowski
Alpha Awards - Managing Partner
"Ronny did an amazing job wowing 100 on-site guests and over 7.46 million live views online. Thank you for this super collaboration!"
Catharina Rieder
Catharina Rieder
Huawei - CSR & Digital Communication
"Ronny perfectly moderated our World Capitals Summit of Chambers of Commerce. In English and in an online format. With great international praise for Vienna."
Alexander Biach
Alexander Biach
Chamber of Commerce Vienna - Deputy Director

Happy customers and partners

How to work with Ronny as a professional online host

Clarify Goal

1. We listen to you and assess your goals

Every client has their own needs. We become an extension of your team, working together to help you achieve your goals for your virtual event.

Create a Plan

2. We create a plan for your virtual event together

With the evaluation of your goals, we create a structure for your digital event to bring all the elements and your key content messages together to create a script that leads your audience in the direction of your goals.

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3. We deliver a world class virtual emcee experience

We’ll work with you to create an engaging and outstanding hosting experience for your virtual event that will wow your guests and leave them eagerly waiting for your next event.

Our Vision

We live enthusiasm. We help people with an audience to conceptualize and realize their visions to create shared Magic Moments and inspire their audience virtually and in-person.

How to find your perfect event host

Event Host Checklist

We’ll send you for free your 18-page guide on “HOW TO FIND YOUR IDEAL EVENT HOST TO WOW YOUR AUDIENCE” including case studies of how we’ve helped various companies create “WOW” events!

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