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Hiring announcers...

… for your big game doesn’t have to be a gamble – the search is over. Stadium events need a professional stadium presenter who:

  • brings a deep understanding of the audience,
  • has the ability to help shape the event flow,
  • and the gift to dynamically link all parts of your event.

Creating something special out of the ordinary as well as picking up special moments and making more out of them: this is how I understand my job. It doesn’t matter if it is a big sports event like Champions League soccer, NFL football, NBA basketball, NHL ice hockey, MLB baseball or a world championship boxing fight – it is all about engaging the audience and creating this special electric atmosphere while announcing the big game or fight.

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Stadium Announcer in sports

Giving a voice to great stadium experiences with a spectacular show is certainly one of the emotional supreme disciplines of moderation. The difference a world-class public address announcer can make when the game is on the line on the decisive day is undisputed. The dynamic stadium announcing at big games in soccer as well as in any other sport – with a lot of experience in boxing, tennis, ice hockey, running and many other sports – is like an outstanding conductor orchestrating a symphony. Taking numerous people on a journey of emotions and creating magic moments together is one of my specialties, because I love to take the audience on a joyride.

Stadium Host at major events

I see the task of the big event host to create a bridge between your guests and your event to create unforgettable moments together. Whether in sports, the ultimate business event or at festivals and concerts, from the big show to world-class staging, you can give your visitors a professional solution here.

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Professional Stadium Announcer with experience

For more than 10 years now, I have had the privilege of hosting countless stadium events. I have been standing on the big stage in front of more than 5 million people on 5 continents and counting some of the biggest events in the world among my references – from the home matches of our national team in soccer to the national cup finals, furthermore hosting the arena of the ATP tennis tournament in Vienna as well as being an international ring announcer in boxing rings brings out the best in me and the fans.

Seen on:

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"Ronny can emotionalize an audience! That's what happened at many international matches of the Austrian national soccer team - which also pushed us as players!"
Manuel Ortlechner
Manuel Ortlechner
Former Austrian National Player
"Emotion and entertainment, that's what Ronny combines perfectly! He manages to build up the mood and inspires the audience of numerous events with his moderation!"
Nicole Trimmel
Nicole Trimmel
Former Kickboxing World Champion
"We very much appreciate Ronny's professionalism as a moderator at our events. He has a sensitive knowledge of human nature and can therefore pick people up very individually and personally, and in our case - as is so important in sports - inspire them. Ronny has a comprehensive knowledge of sports and was always prepared to the point for our events and also advised us with his expertise."
Veronica Penz
Veronika Penz
Tipp3 - Expert Marketing & Communication
"Ronny's understanding of big events ideally combines the creative part of event design with his unique execution. His understanding in dealing with the audience and bringing a sold-out stadium to a boil is a pleasure to watch every time."
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Rene Reinberger
ÖFB - Head of Stadium Enertainment

Happy customers and partners

How to hire a professional stadium announcer

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1. We listen to you and assess your goals

Every sport and every event has its own needs. We become an extension of your team to help you achieve your goals.

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2. Together we create a plan for your event

With the evaluation of your goals, we create a structure for your big event to bring all the elements and your key messages alive, to create a script that will lead your audience in the direction of your goals.

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3. We deliver a world class stadium experience

We’ll work with you to create an outstanding stadium hosting experience for your event that will wow your guests and leave them eagerly awaiting your next event.

About Ronny

Ronny’s vocation is to entertain and inspire people every time anew, to ignite in them the spark that motivates them. Ronny is a passionate stadium announcer, he loves to entertain people live and let them experience Magic Moments together. Ronny is convinced that every visitor should experience extraordinary and unforgettable emotions, so-called “magic moments”, during his performance.

For many years Ronny has been announcing in the stadiums of this world. In addition, Ronny always enjoys being on stage at business events and greets new challenges with open arms. Professional keynote speaker appearances where Ronny is “on stage” in German and English are just as much a part of his references as his work as a trainer at Tony Robbins’ seminars.

About Ronny

How to create a world class stadium event

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