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For more than two decades ...

I focused on what makes humans successful. What separates the top achievers from those who are merely good. Through my personal career I have worked with more than 5 million people in the world of professional sports and gained insights that distinguishes the legends from the mere mortals. Is it the right time for you to up your game… again?

Achievement Fulfillment

For success in life you must master two things:

1. the SCIENCE of achievement: the exact steps you need to take in order to generate results.
2. the ART of fulfillment: have you ever reached a goal and it did not fulfill you inside? It is an art.

Working with the best

I have communicated with more than 5 million people live – from big stadiums to small groups and certainly individuals – I gained insights into communications patterns that really, really work. Also in working with Tony Robbins for more than 2 decades on what creates peak performers and my exposure to many world class athletes, I learned what it takes to win, to inspire and to leave a legacy.

Mit den Besten arbeiten
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Ready for your individual executive coaching?

In order to be successful there is about 20% strategy and 80% psychology involved. If you are at the top of what you do you have clearly mastered the strategy and for a big part also your psychology. The challenge is now how to get to the next level? The stairs to your legacy are found inside of you – in your psychology. And oftentimes that takes place in your communication: the communication to yourself as well as your communication with others.

Unleash your full potential and increase:

  • your presence on and off-stage
  • the energy you bring to fill any room
  • the level of your communication with yourself as well as your audience
  • your productivity – exponentially
  • the way you are perceived which will boost your likeability
  • the impact on the people you inspire and Leave a Legacy of WOW

Executive coaching with experience

For over 10 years, Ronny has hosted countless award-winning events, in front of more than 5 million people on 5 continents. Add to that over 1,500 hours of live television with more than 800 interviews. This experience transfers to our clients.

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"Ronny's experience allows him to structure relevant content so that I can take my audience on a shared journey through my voice and body."
Stefan Boeck
Stefan Böck
Alpha Awards - CEO & Founder
"Ronny led me through a powerful process through which I was able to access a part of my vocal essence that I had never experienced before."
Geeta Tailor
Geeta Tailor
Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist
"Ronny really helped me prepare for my first television interview and unlock my potential in public speaking. It was unbelievable. I never imagined that!"
Johanna Anzengruber
Johanna Anzengruber
University Upper Austria - Vice Dean for Research & Internationalization
"Building on Ronny's experience, we were able to determine my next steps together - I'm taking a lot away from this for further development!"
Stefan Grassmann
Stefan Grassmann
Wels Electricity - CEO

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We live enthusiasm. We move you closer to the people you care about!

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