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Huawei European Innovation Day 2021

Yesterday, Julia Furdea and I had the pleasure of hosting this year’s Huawei European Innovation Day. The Kursalon Hübner in Vienna’s Stadtpark was a fitting location for a day themed “for a sustainable Europe”. The event was of course pan-European and could be enjoyed live in English at the Kursalon and also via 5G live stream online.

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The Innovation Day was not only created by Huawei to provide a platform for the technology industry to interact with each other. On this day, representatives from local partners, universities, media platforms, and governments were also invited for a European exchange of ideas.

A program ranging from celebrity to sustainability

The Huawei European Innovation Day opened with a bang right away, with former Austrian President Heinz Fischer delivering the opening keynote. The rest of the morning focused first on how technology can help us create a sustainable Europe. The innovators, the people behind the developments, were also spotlighted before lunch.

Huawei Innovation Day 2021 - 2

After lunch, the focus was still on the talent that will shape the future in the tech sector. In a panel discussion, I was able to get to the bottom of exactly this talent development together with exciting guests. The day was rounded off with a casual concert – a mix of classical and modern music.

Back to the roots and a great experience

The day was very special for me for several reasons… First of all, I am fascinated by topics on how we can make our world more sustainable and also use technology to do so.

Also, I was very happy to be on stage together with Julia again… we won “Dancer against Cancer” together in 2015 and have hosted some events together since then. This was now the first since live events are back.

Huawei Innovation Day 2021 - 1

And last but not least, presenting at Kursalon was something like going back to the roots for me… more than 20 years ago, when I was still a student myself, I used to supplement my milk money at events right there alongside school and also spent quite some evenings right there. Now, many years later, being back again in a different role made me very happy.

Thanks to the whole team of Huawei and the agency Populär. I am already looking forward to the next event together.

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