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Learn discipline: 5 steps to raise your willpower to the next level!

In my last blog post, I told you about the ways I discovered my passion and found my calling. This article will now focus on how you can learn discipline and how to keep going. What do I mean by this? When you have finally managed to find your dream job and are doing it with passion, the next step follows. From this point on, it is especially important to develop strategies and methods to be on top of the game and stay there. I will show you how to motivate yourself again and again, and how to constantly develop your motivation.


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Learn discipline: Constantly follow your goal!

There are large numbers of entrepreneurs online who have found their purpose, but who do not manage to be sustainable and successful in the long term. A variety of seminars are offered, usually by already well-positioned coaches who promise that you will achieve at least a four-figure profit or even become a millionaire within three months. These seminars are all about achieving lofty goals extremely quickly.

Short-term, quick success cannot be the long-term goal; your goal should be to develop yourself on the basis of your true purpose throughout your life in order to gradually reach an ever-increasingly higher level. Work on becoming the best version of yourself. That sounds exhausting, and admittedly it is at first. From the perspective of a successful entrepreneur, I can tell you that the beginnings are tough and require a lot of self-motivation and self-discipline. How did I manage to motivate myself again and again, to set myself the right goals and to achieve them? Here I will tell you my 5-point strategy consisting of:

  1. Self-discipline
  2. Self-organization
  3. Networking
  4. Habits
  5. Willpower

Self-discipline: All a matter of practice

You can always learn from the experiences of others, especially when you’re involved in the world of sports, as I am. In the last blog post, my tip was to surround yourself with people who are the way you want to be. I, for example, surrounded myself with successful athletes at an early age. From these athletes, I learned self-discipline and methods to train my willpower. Self-discipline leads to a greater amount of control over your own life. Successful people control their own lives and do not let themselves be controlled by their lives and their circumstances. With self-discipline, you motivate yourself again and again to achieve your goals. I am one of those people who are most productive early in the morning. I have disciplined myself to get up between 4.30 and 5.00 every morning and do my exercises to keep me in top shape mentally and physically.

Improve your self-organization constantly! Or outsource it

Self-organization is something that most people do not focus on. Self-organization brings structure into your life, and structure has a positive influence on your personal sense of security. For example, if you know exactly where your documents are, when your tax is due and when your next meeting takes place, then you won’t get stressed so easily. You can make good decisions without time pressure and focus not only on the urgent but also the important things in life. If you are not a master of organization, outsource this part of your business. There are numerous virtual assistants that can support you. If you are self-organized, you have much more time to take care of the essential facets of your business. My personal tip: take an hour every weekend and use it to plan your week in advance. Then you only need to make small improvements during the week.

Learn discipline: Build a network that supports you

Another tip I would like to give you today is: when you start a business, it is essential that you build up a network from the very beginning. A network supports you in a number of ways. Your network brings together people with similar goals. You can motivate, recommend and support each other. Once you are down and you are getting doubts about whether your purpose is really the right one, you can exchange ideas within your network. If there are people and entrepreneurs in your network who have already reached your goals… even better! There can hardly be a better motivation. Always measure yourself against successful people. Think about where you can best find the people who can help you on your way. Spend a substantial part of your time doing this.

Ronny Leber Tom Brady Selbstdisziplin lernen vom Super Bowl Champion

Learning self-discipline through new habits

“Habits” – it sounds boring at first, but habits, like self-discipline, give you structure. Practice habits that do you good. You can also call habits “rituals”. Celebrate your success with the same rituals over and over again. For example, when you have made a good business deal, go out to eat at your favorite restaurant afterwards. In this way, you store the information in your subconscious mind: “success leads to good food”, and this leads to motivation for the next success. Habits prevent randomness that can put you off track.

Ronny Leber Willensstärke Willenskraft New York Marathon

Habits are incredibly important… and they often make THE difference between long-term success and failure. If you want to be successful in the long run, you have to do the right things regularly. This is best (or ONLY) done via habits. And last but not least: just as important as habits that lead you to do things regularly are those involving consciously NOT doing things. Both can be both beneficial and destructive in terms of success.


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Learning discipline and training willpower with the help of a coach

You have already read a lot about self-discipline and habits. For high levels of stamina on the marathon for lasting success, you should have strong willpower.

Did you know that willpower is a muscle that you can train and that decreases every day during the day? The more beneficial habits you already have in your life, the greater the amount of willpower you have left for the important decisions.

And with that, the circle closes: habits, discipline, and motivation depend on and influence each other. Learn methods and tools that strengthen your mindset and your willpower. Learn continuously; expand your knowledge. Get a coach who motivates you again and again and who accompanies you to success. Warren Buffet already knew: an investment in your personality is the best investment you can make!

What can you take with you for your discipline?

Which habits would you like to establish or break?

Your opinion is important! Comment here!

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