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Engage your virtual audience

Create a unique experience online

Create an emotional connection virtually

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Hiring the ideal team for your virtual event and your event will be unforgettable

Virtual events...

…don’t have to be a half-hearted substitute for an in-person event – that’s a thing of the past. Virtual events need to get a professional event strategy that:

  • brings a deep understanding of your online audience,
  • has the ability to create your virtual event flow,
  • and has the gift to link the full scale of your online event charmingly and emotionally.
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"Can virtual events inspire my participants?"

…this is just one of many questions that organizers of in-person events and newbies to today’s digital solutions are asking themselves. Hosting your event purely virtual or as a hybrid event – i.e. with part of the audience on-site and the other part of the participants online – has become a staggering alternative. While until the early 2020s virtual events were more dismissed as the stepbrother of the “real” in-person event, live on-site, new tools and platforms, as well as new know-how, now offer incredible opportunities for events that take place virtually and also reach your target audience emotionally. Virtual event consulting can help you create the event strategy you need in order to successfully take your companies events virtual.

Your virtual event strategy has one focus: to build up emotions in your attendees

Until not so long ago a webinar via an online platform mixed with a fairly moderate marketing strategy was considered a legitimate virtual solution that attendees would be expected to attend…. but what has emerged since 2020 in the field of virtual events for conferences, seminars, corporate events and the like is beyond all expectations. Virtual event organizers must now not only emphasize the content of a virtual event, but also need to create a strategic plan on how to emotionally involve the attendees with the technology available. This is where virtual event consulting help you to take your events virtual focusing on the strategy while you can focus on what your clients need.

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Your corporate virtual event

Virtual events are becoming increasingly popular with companies. Instead of long journeys for the attendees, hotel and location bookings for event organizers, more and more companies are switching from an in-person event to the option of a hybrid or virtual event for their business. The days of having just a one-way communication at an online event is far gone. Any modern virtual event gives your attendees the opportunity to be in the middle of it, rather than standing on the sideline. While webinars and the odd web conference have been the first point of reference to virtual sessions for many attendees, virtual events simply don’t compare. It’s all about experience, emotion and giving participants shared memories. As virtual event consultants we are happy to help our clients with the creation of content as well as connecting them with the right production and technology in the process of the strategic virtual event planning to take advantage of all the available solutions of virtual events – no matter if your virtual event will be live or with on demand-video services.

Your virtual seminar

You are planning a seminar or training and need support taking this seminar hybrid or virtual? Then you’ve come to the right place. From our experience with some of the largest seminar organizers in the world, we know what tools and platform you as an organizer need to offer your participants and speakers and what you should definitely consider when taking your in-person events virtual. What questions arise, how networking works at virtual events and how you can best provide your participants with the content live and on demand via video are essential points for our customers. We also have experts in online and social media marketing at hand for your seminar who can help you generate leads and clients from your target audience.

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Your virtual conference

Conferences, trade fairs and congresses are virtual events with special needs that will increasingly take place in virtual space in the future. As with in-person events, each virtual event should also offer many possibilities: from the right platform to be present live at the sessions, to networking with speakers, to quickly ask the state of your participants in surveys, to simple customer support, modern virtual events already offer many possibilities. Our job as virtual event consultants is to help you set up the strategy for your virtual conference, industry congress or trade show are through our know-how with the best in the world and a custom-built platform for your event leave nothing to be desired.

The ideal virtual host for your virtual events

To ensure that your event – both virtual and live on-site – is a complete success, it is essential to have the right emcee respectively facilitator to guide you through your event. The advantages of a virtual host with virtual event as well as technical experience are clearly noticeable for organizers, speakers and participants. A virtual moderator who guides your attendees from A to B at your event with confidence and charm not only gives you peace of mind, but your clients also leave much more positive feedback in surveys on your social media channels which is a nice benefit in your marketing strategy. Click here for more information on how you can use the advantages of a virtual emcee for your event.

Ronny Leber Virtual Event Host

Experience with the "Champions League" of virtual events

As an emcee, I have had the privilege of hosting countless award-winning events for over 10 years, standing on stage in front of more than 5 million people on 5 continents and counting some of the world’s biggest brands among my references. In the recent past, I was able to enrich this experience at many virtual events with tens of thousands of participants at the same time.

Seen on

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"Already after the first preliminary talks about the planned event it was clear that Ronny is the right presenter for the opening ceremony. He already tried to bring in his experience in advance and was extremely professional at the event itself. Through his open manner he knew how to captivate the audience from the beginning. Gladly again at any time."
Alexandra Radl e1607317639448
Alexandra Radl
Wien Energie - Former Head of Marketing
"Working with Ronny at virtual events is an absolute pleasure. To help bring the vision come to life is fantastic. Nothing goes beyond the smiles of happy clients that we create through working together at virtual events. Absolutely looking forward to our next event together."
Georg Koehldorfer
Georg Köhldorfer
GK Event Productions - CEO
"Over the years, Ronny has always been a reliable partner who knows how to skillfully entertain his audience and lead them through the evening in style. His own inputs have also always been very valuable for us, our event and the effect we have been able to achieve with our guests as a result."
Martin Distl
Martin Distl
Group M - Managing Director
"Ronny is highly appreciated for his talent and skill. Especially when it comes to being spontaneous and flexibel."
Martin Brezovich
Martin Brezovich
Eventplan - CEO

Happy customers and partners

How to make your virtual event a success

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1. We listen to you and assess your goals

Every client has their own needs. We become an extension of your team to help you achieve your goals.

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2. We build a strategy for your virtual event

With the evaluation of your goals, we create a structure for your virtual event to bring together all the elements and your key messages to develop a structure that engages your audience and leads them in the direction of your goals.

Ronny Leber Event Host

3. We help you deliver a world class virtual event

We work with you to create an outstanding online event that will wow your guests and leave them eagerly waiting for your next virtual events.

About Ronny

Ronny’s calling is to inspire people every time anew for their dreams, to ignite in them the spark that lasts and motivates them. It is his passion to entertain people and create Magic Moments for them. Ronny is convinced that his audience should experience extraordinary and unforgettable emotions, which they take with them into their everyday lives.

For many years Ronny speaks on the stages of this world – whether via camera on TV or in the virtual world as well as in face-to-face communication. Professional keynote speaker appearances where Ronny speaks “on stage” in German and English, belong to his references as well as his activity as a trainer on seminars – live and virtual – of Tony Robbins.

About Ronny

How to create a world class event

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Create events that inspire your audience

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