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Fascinated by Podcasts!

I have been fascinated by podcasting for some time now. The advantages are obvious: podcasts are extremely flexible, have a top selection of the most diverse topics and I can relax while listening to them.

So far, I haven’t started my own podcast, but have recently been a guest on various podcasts and took part in conversations on them. Here is a small selection of the podcasts I’ve appeared on:

My very first podcast!

Gains for your Brain #53 | How to successfully inspire people, with Ronny Leber

On 26.01.2020, I was Daniel Schmölzer’s interviewee on “Gains for your Brain”. The topic was the way in which I successfully inspire people. We talked about my professional career and there were exclusive tips from me especially for the listeners.

Self-esteem vs. self-confidence in the Business Circle podcast as a prelude in the run-up to Success 2020

In February, the Business Circle podcast addressed the topic of self-esteem vs. self-confidence. We talked in detail about my time with Tony Robbins, about the power principle and my personal “wow” factor.

What Are You Made Of? with Mike C-Roc

At the beginning of June, I appeared with Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco on the podcast “What Are You Made Of?”; my first American podcast. Among other things, I talk about what is important when you talk in front of tens of thousands of people.

ChampionsClub Podcast episode #15

Before that, I talked with Horst Georg Fuchs at the Champions Club about the way in which the mindset of over-achievers works. It was also about how to get tens of thousands of people in the right mood at events and how to achieve a state of peak performance again and again.

The weekly talk show by Daniel Schmölzer and myself on Twitch shows that great collaborations can also be created in podcasts. Every Monday, you can communicate with us between 8:15 and 10pm on “Red ma drüber””. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

Are you also an enthusiastic podcast-listener? Which topics are at the top of your list? Which podcast do you totally recommend?

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