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How stage coaching can help you to inspire your audience

In this article I will show you why an optimal stage presence is important especially in professional situations and how you can inspire your audience: through professional stage coaching. In over a decade of stage experience as a presenter and keynote speaker and more than 5 million people I was able to reach, I learned many things that work – that’s exactly what this is about.

Improve your stage presence

Your ideal stage presence has a lot to do with your ability to communicate and interact with other people. In everyday life, in private life and also on the professional level, we meet people every day with whom we communicate consciously or even subconsciously. Each of us is a receiver and sender of signals to the same extent. The signals consist of body posture, verbal and non-verbal communication.

The first impression counts

Within a few tenths of a second after we meet a person, we evaluate and judge him or her based on the signals sent out. The famous first impression is formed. You may have heard the saying, “There’s no second chance for a first impression!”

"When we meet a person, within a few tenths of a second, we evaluate and judge him or her based on the signals sent out. The famous first impression is formed Click To Tweet

In many cases, this first impression is crucial for further communication processes. Because this is where the foundation for trust, sympathy and harmony is laid. The first impression is decisive for whether you are on the same wavelength.

If you can show your best side right at the beginning of your performance by means of your charisma, you influence this first impression and thus also set the course for a successful cooperation with business partners, employees and friends.


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Who needs stage coaching?

This type of coaching is useful for anyone who is on the public stage in one way or another. These can be, for example:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to give a keynote at their company’s kick-off event and get the workforce in the mood for a new year
  • Top executives who regularly host staff meetings and want to be perceived as leaders
  • Professional athletes who are in the public eye, already have a community and want to grow their influence
  • Public figures who want to raise their market value through clear communication
  • Top level influencers who want to increase their impact in their community. 

In summary, professional stage coaching is useful for anyone who has an audience and wants to make a bigger impact with their message.

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What do I need stage coaching for? In these situations a stagecoach helps

Stage coaching helps you to sharpen and optimize your external presence. If your profession or vocation regularly takes you on stage, then stage coaching will not only give you more confidence, but will also help you to better deal with fear and stage fright in order to master your next stage appearance with confidence. 

Wofür brauche ich Auftrittscoaching? In diesen Situation hilft ein Bühnencoaching weiter

Stage coaching will help you in the following situations:

  • to be even better prepared for your next speech, possibly as a keynote speaker, to make your points with full confidence and to wow your audience
  • give your presentation a clear structure. With a stagecoach and his training, your speech on stage gets more pep and gains sharpness and clarity
  • at meetings where you want to reach your employees or customers even better – no matter if it is an internal team event or if you want to inspire your customers externally for a new product of your company
  • in interviews, podcasts and spontaneous stage situations such as award ceremonies, where you want to cut a good figure and your communication should reflect your image
  • in situations where successful networking and a good appearance are required to raise and emphasize your own profile in order to be perceived as an adequate partner

Strengthen your own self-confidence through stage coaching

Selbstvertrauen stärken

Training with a coach who, like me, has worked for years on managing stress, anxiety and stage fright when giving a speech often begins a process of personal optimization. Through the support you will succeed in the following:

Sharpen your own profile

The impact of your profile begins in the perception of your counterpart. The prerequisite for a convincing perception is to get clarity about your self-perception – your own profile.

It is important that you are convinced of what you are doing. Intrinsic motivation starts with the fire inside you that is ignited by your passion. You are most convincing when you can feel that your power comes from within yourself. Being authentically present, mastering a presentation with confidence, that is the goal of stage coaching. This applies not only to motivational speakers, but to anyone who wants to move their audience.

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Structure your messages clearly

In addition to your personal presence, stage coaching also deals with your core message. The knowledge and emotions you want to pass on to your audience must be structured in such a way that your audience can process this information. Your performance therefore needs a clear structure, a dramaturgy and a simple and pictorial language.

Conscious use of body language and voice

A stagecoach teaches you to use your body language consciously and purposefully – from the use of your gestures and facial expressions to the non-verbal convincing with your body.


How to successfully use your voice is another exciting topic of stage coaching. You may know the saying: “The tone makes the music”… because it is not only important what you say, but also how you say something.

An authentic appearance, which is coherent and convincing

As mentioned at the beginning, there is no second chance for the first impression. The moment you can be perceived by your counterpart, communication begins. Your appearance – whether clothing, make-up or hairstyle as well as your habitus – should be such that your personality is underlined. Here it is essential to know “how do I appear to others”.

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Convincing in online presentations

Also in virtual meetings and successful webinars your presence should get a hundred points. However, some aspects like lack of physical presence and limited body language have to be considered. In coaching, you learn to compensate for these obstacles with other factors. In virtual presenting, camera, light and sound as well as the choice of the right background and technical equipment come to the forefront.

How does working with a coach for your next stage appearance work?

In order to complete a successful stage coaching you need first of all with a big reason – yor why! Your why is a motivation and that in turn is the fuel that will ultimately get you to your goal.


The second step is to determine your what – that is, your goal. What do you want to achieve with stage coaching? The more clarity you already have about your goal, the faster you will get there.

Depending on what your goal is, the stage coaching will then be adjusted. The individual sessions can then be held in blocks or spread over a longer period of time. The important thing is that everything is tailored to the client – whether face-to-face or virtual.

Do you feel addressed or do you have further questions? Then feel free to contact me or send me an email.

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Enjoy your next performances and presentations

All in all: stage coaching works! If you feel like you need support with this, I’m happy to help! Let me support you before your next official appearance at a meeting, an event or a presentation.

Genieße deinen Auftritt

You’ll notice how easily you deliver presentations and how much you enjoy performing when you are in your optimal stage presence. Being in your power to appear authentic and at your best will also positively impact your personal life as a nice side effect.

What is your most important question for your next stage performance? Write me the question in a comment.


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