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Ronny goes TV: 80 hours per month live on air!

From the 3rd of March onwards I am the new face at the Austrian TV channel OE24. 10 days per month I will be live on TV for a total of 80 hours.

Mostly with female company I am here as an anchorman in a TV format, where I lead as a presenter eloquent, spontaneous and now and then with a wink through social, economic and also political daily topics.

Of course, my “favorite discipline”, sports, will not be neglected either. There will be live broadcasts from events as well as interviews with stars and starlets from the celebrity scene.

As a TV presenter, I can not only score with my voice, but I can also contribute my experience in terms of stage presence. I love the opportunity to learn something new again and to continue to hone my performances. And there are bound to be some hiccups 😉 That’s quite normal and happens from time to time.

To make sure I cut a good figure, I bought myself two new suits. I’m really looking forward to this new challenge and I’m curious to see what great surprises will be waiting for me.

I’m looking forward to the new challenge in the world of television and accept it with a handshake. My 12 years of presenting experience will certainly help me here… because one thing is quite clear: live is live! No matter if it’s an event or on TV. Anything can happen… and that’s what I love so much about hosting live. You just have to be prepared for anything and everything.

Have a look at and with a little luck you will catch me “on air”. I am on air 10 days a month from 9-17.

What are you most interested in from the working life or everyday life of a TV presenter? Where would you like to look behind the scenes? Feel free to write me your answer in a comment.

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