ÖFB Cup Finale 2022 - Titelbild

Stadium announcer at the Austrian Soccer Cup Final 2022

Yesterday Klagenfurt was the traditional venue for the Austrian Soccer Cup Final 2022 between FC Red Bull Salzburg and SV Ried. For me it was the 12th cup final in a row, in which I had the privilege to be the stadium announcer.

Finally playing in front of fans again

After the last two editions of the Cup Final went off without fans, it was all the nicer yesterday to finally hear fan chants from the corners again.

ÖFB Cup Finale 2022 - Ronny Leber Stadionsprecher

Since I am always the “neutral” stadium host at the Cup Final, it is of course important to create a good atmosphere for both sides. The special thing here is that I get to announce the team lineups and goal scorers for both teams. Of course, that’s even more fun in front of the fans!

First “normal” game in two years

It was also the first game for me where I was back in my “normal” position at the bottom of the pitch. During the last two years, I had moved to the stands because the pitch and the players’ tunnel were only passable under the highest security measures.

ÖFB Cup Finale 2022 - Ronny Leber Stadionsprecher-2

It was just really fun that it was finally a game “like in the old days” again. Also the result was as usual… with the ninth cup victory for Salzburg in the last 10 years.

Now I’m looking forward to full stadiums and a mighty atmosphere again!

See you soon,

Your Ronny

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