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AGON Box Gala in Berlin with four title fights

Already the 3rd time I was allowed to be the ring announcer for the AGON Box Gala of the Berlin boxing stable Agon Sports & Events. There were no less than 4 title fights, which were held yesterday in Berlin. 

AGON on the way to the world elite

As a boxing fan, I’m particularly pleased that a number of Agon boxers are now striding steadily towards the top of the world or have already arrived there. This promises not only a lot of fun for the spectators, but also a special quality inside the ring.

Agon Box Gala 3

In the 3rd fight of the evening, 23-year-old Michelle Klich won her first ever belt in her first title fight, for the international German championship of the BDB. Also the unbeaten Vincenzo “Il Capo” Gualtieri remained undefeated in his 18th fight and became the new IBF Intercontinental Champion.

Immediately afterwards, the Cuban fighter William Scull won the IBF Latino title with his 18th victory in 18 fights. In the main fight of the evening, Jama “The Hammer” Saidi retained his EBU EU title by unanimous decision.

The boxing ring has its own flair

It was simply wonderful to finally get a taste of boxing again and to accompany top-class boxing professionals into the ring. When top-class experts like Axel Schulz are sitting in the audience, it’s twice as much fun.

Boxen: AGON Boxgala

Are you also a boxing fan and have you ever experienced boxing live? What is the fascination of boxing for you?

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