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Throwback: Event Host for the Samsung Island Games

The Samsung Island Games took place for the last time at the Vienna City Beach Club at the end of June 2019. I am hopeful that we will have great corporate events this year and therefore a look back. Being the event host with Samsung is always great and the teambuilding events are already something very special.

Vienna City Beach Club as the ideal location

Samsung chose the Vienna City Beach Club as the venue for the Island Games in 2019: an open-air location with plenty of space for games and partying. The area is even so spacious that I was allowed to ride a Segway all day.

Samsung Island Games - Ronny Leber - Segway

Volleyball courts, sandy beaches, a dance floor, harbor terrace and harbor bar and a large swimming raft, located directly on the Danube, make the Beach Club the ideal place for teambuilding events.

The whole of Samsung Austria took part in the competition

All Samsung employees from Austria were invited. The event started early in the afternoon with a welcome drink and snacks for all employees. The weather played along and we had a wonderfully warm and sunny day. 

For the sports competitions, the employees were already divided into mixed teams, so that it could start directly after the welcome drink. There were various disciplines in which the teams had to prove themselves and fight for victory.

Samsung Island Games - Ronny Leber - Team Besprechung

Riddles had to be solved and in a bubble soccer tournament the players could try to shoot the ball into the goal in their bubble. A real challenge.

There was a Segway Parcour and an exciting dragon boat race.

Island Games Party till night time

After the Island Games, all guests were treated to culinary delights before the award ceremony. The Samsung employees celebrated exuberantly with music until late in the evening.

It is always the wonderful combination of leisure time fun and work that makes my job so appealing to me.

See you soon,

Pictures: Christian Steinbrenner

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