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Hosting the Swiss Hedge Fund Week 2022

It’s finally starting again with “real” events… and what a start! The last 2 days I had the pleasure to host the Swiss Hedge Fund Week 2022 in Zurich. More than 150 hedge fund managers from all over Europe met in Zurich under the motto “Hedge Funds meet Blockchain and Crypto“.

From fireside chats to shark tank

Exciting speakers from the financial world gave hedge funds new insights on how they can also use blockchain and cryptos for their funds. An own hedge fund pitching format, as we know it on TV format „Shark Tank“ was also part of the program.

Swiss Hedge Fund Week Ronny Leber und Gus Morison AYU

It was great fun to lead through this event on such an exciting topic. Above all, one thing was very clear: finally, live events where people can meet in person again. Of course, I also really enjoyed the trip to Zurich.

Mega location and great team

I was particularly wowed with the Aura Club in Zurich. The perfect event location in the building of the old Zurich stock exchange. Huge 360 degree screens all around the room were an absolute highlight.

Also a big thank you to the team of AYU. The London organization has put on a great event here.

I’m looking forward to the further comeback of live events. How are you doing with it – what are you looking forward to the most?

See you soon,


Pictures: Sophia Bennett

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