Anpfiff - die Bundesliga Show - OE24 - Ronny Leber + Frenkie Schinkels

With “Anpfiff” the Austrian soccer league comes back to OE24

The Austrian Bundesliga is back as a regular feature on OE24.TV. As a soccer fan, I’m especially happy to host the Bundesliga show “Anpfiff” every Sunday at 10pm. Frenkie Schinkels will be at my side as an eloquent expert.

All the highlights every week

As a presenter and stadium announcer, I will summarize and comment on the highlights of all the games every week with Frenkie Schinkel. It is a real privilege to be able to accompany the most exciting phase of the championship on TV. The end of the basic round as well as the play-offs are full of suspense. So I will accompany the soccer fans through this exciting final period until the end of the championship and I am very happy to be there for all the fans.


For each game, we’ll first have the highlights and then a crisp analysis of the best scenes by Frenkie Schinkels. At the end of the show we will look at the player of the round and the goal of the round. And of course, there’s a little preview of the next round.

Do you follow your favorite team every week? What do you think makes a good soccer show?

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