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Ring announcer at the 8th Bounce Fight Night

One of my favorite activities I was allowed to do again last night in the Hotel Intercontinental Vienna: being a ring announcer at a boxing gala. In a wonderful setting, with gala seating in an imperial ambience, a good 500 boxing fans were present when Austria’s boxing elite entered the ring.

Boxing in Austria is becoming more and more professional

Bounce Fight Night Michaela Kotaskova Ronny Leber

What I’m particularly pleased about: while the very first Bounce Fight Night featured only amateur boxing matches, yesterday there were appearances by professionals in 7 out of 10 fights. This is definitely a good sign for local boxing and also partly a credit to Boxclub Bounce and Daniel Nader. Also the staging of the events does not need to shy away from an international comparison.

The main fight was a battle of the champions

Bounce Fight Night Ronny Leber Ring Girls In Ring

Austria’s parade boxer Marcos Nader, reigning International Champion of the IBF, and the German Marten Arsumanjan, the EBU EU Champion climbed into the ring together in the main fight. While Marcos started well, there was unfortunately, from a domestic point of view, a knockout in round 5. After a short unconsciousness Marcos was fortunately much better.

On this way a good recovery to Marcos Nader and to a soon comeback in the ring. I am already looking forward to my next appearance in the ring.

See you soon,

Your Ronny

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