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First own column in the daily newspaper “Österreich”

I am very happy to present to you my new newspaper column. Almost simultaneously with my new Bundesliga soccer show “Anpfiff” on OE24.TV, I can now prepare soccer fans for the upcoming Bundesliga round every week with my column in the daily newspaper “ÖSTERREICH” (German for “Austria”) as well as online on

Every Friday there is a mix of current soccer topics paired with historical tidbits and my own opinion. Of course, I try to be as objective as necessary with a subjective touch.

Exciting times lie ahead…

It’s about to start stormy in the spring with the last rounds of the basic round before it then goes into the championship-deciding phase. While the question of the championship is once again decided in advance, the fight for the international places will be exciting.

All this and much more every Friday in my column in the daily newspaper Österreich and also online on

Here are the columns

Before week 22: 

Champion round final violet vs. green

03 04 Meistergruppenfinale Kolumne

Before week 21:

Rapid still has it in its own hands

25 02 OESTERREICH Kolumne Ronny Leber

Week 20:

Who is in the concert of the greats

18 02 OE 1R1 OE 181R1007 01 4C 1

Enjoy reading,

Your Ronny

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