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Keynote “The Stadium Principle” for CorpLife

Recently I had the pleasure to give, finally live again, one of my most popular keynotesThe Stadium Principle” to about 25 to 30 employees of CorpLife… in English. 

Ideal for Kick-Off Events

The goal of this kick-off event was to get the CorpLife team excited about new company goals and the new quarter. CorpLife, an Austrian company, digitalizes Human Recruiting processes of the new generation and sustainably strengthens employee loyalty in companies with the CorpLife Benefits.

My talk on the stadium principle reflects CorpLife’s corporate philosophy very faithfully and casually. My keynote is mainly about team building measures.

It is about what companies can learn from sports organizations and events. Here I get to draw from my broad wealth of experience.

Content of The Stadium Principle

In my presentation I will focus on the following points:

  1. Strengthening the “we”-feeling
  2. Finding common visions and goals
  3. Celebrating Magic Moments
  4. Building Momentum
  5. Create Breakthroughs

The last point is something the CorpLife team and I literally did. We broke and cracked wooden boards. This is emblematic more than anything else, as this is about an inner transformation – an inner breakthrough that can be translated to breaking through a wooden board.

An outstanding day…

For me, too, it was a really casual day with a great atmosphere. So a very special thank you also goes to CorpLife for inviting me.

What breakthroughs would you like to celebrate? I look forward to your comments.

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