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Austrian Event Award

Event host for the Austrian Event Award in Linz

Now for something a little older, but still very present in my memory. In December of last year, I had the great honor of leading the assembled VIPs through the Austrian Event Award. At the Design Center Linz, the best Austrian events were awarded for the 23rd time. The ceremony was founded in 1996 by Walter Ilk to honour the best Austrian events and the agencies behind them.

At national events like this, obviously a who is who of the entire event industry is present. I had the opportunity to talk to numerous leaders, influential celebrities and interesting personalities and to make new contacts.

Surround yourself with people who are like you want to be

In a little while my new blog where you will learn everything around the topic of WOWing your audience, is starting (sign up here and get a free ebook to not miss a single post). A tip that I will dive deeper into I want to give you up front: Get in touch with people who have the qualities you would like to have. Find out where you can best meet these people. Just be yourself, because you are your own brand. Don’t try to be an imitation of someone else, just be the best version of yourself every day. This is how you are guaranteed to be the best! Contacts are made at such events. Think big and be brave.

Be brave and dare to try something new

Besides the presentation we had a fantastic show act: Ralph Mr. Light who made his way down from Germany just for us. Ralph was playing on his laser harp. On his what? Yes… laser harp. I had the “honor” to try it in front of a packed hall… this could have been embarrassing but who cares… the world belongs to those who dare. And it really was fun!

Ronny Leber, Laser Harfe, Austrian Event Award, Design Center Linz,
At the show act I got to try the laser harp.

Remember that the personal component always comes first. No matter if on stage or when it comes to making new connections, networking should never be reduced to the commercial aspect alone. It is always about connecting with people. That alone is priceless.

Your opinion is important…

It is very dear to me to get to know my readers more. Please leave a comment: what makes an event special to you? What moves you emotionally and lets you go home with a good feeling? Please leave a comment right now.

Thank you and talk soon.

Yours Ronny

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  1. What makes an event special for you? What moves you emotionally and lets you go home with a good feeling? Please leave a comment and let me know. ☺️

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