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Live on Twitch: Let’s talk about it!

“Ronny, wanna do a weekly live stream on Twitch together?” “What’s Twitch?” This is how the conversation with Daniel Schmöltzer took place in April this year. Meanwhile we have been streaming live every week for almost 6 months. But first things first…

At the beginning of the year, Daniel invited me to be interviewed on his podcast “Gains for your Brain”. A few months later he asked me to “twitch” together. Since there are probably other Twitch-uninformed people here besides me… so what is Twitch exactly? Twitch is a livestreaming platform that has been growing mainly due to the gaming scene. Meanwhile, e-sports has also established itself and talk formats are becoming more and more popular. In other words: Twitch is the television of tomorrow, where everyone can have a voice.

We are there every Monday between 20:15 – 22:00 CET live with the format “Red ma drüber” which means as much as “let’s talk about it”. We chat and talk about special events, watch YouTube videos together with our audience or talk about topics like positive mindset or even quite simply about the last event I was part of as a presenter. The beautiful and for me fascinating thing about Twitch is the interaction with our followers. It doesn’t get any closer than that.

How can you participate? Right now our format is only in German… if that doesn’t scare you here are the instructions and if you want to see me streaming in English please let me know in a comment!

1. You go to our Twitch channel and sign up for Twitch for free.

2. Click on “Follow” our channel to be notified when we are live.

3. And then it’s simply: Comment and have fun!

Even if you miss a show, you can watch it for up to 14 days afterwards. Have you used Twitch yet? What do you like best about livestream formats? Do you think it is a good addition to traditional television? Do you want to see me stream in English?

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