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Welcome to my new website

I have already said several times that I saw the last year more as an opportunity than as lost time. I was able to tackle projects that I had postponed the time before due to lack of time. For example, the relaunch of my website was high on my list of priorities, and I’ve made great use of the time over the past few months to make my website more modern and faster, make it more user-friendly and give you even more content and practical tips on the site.

The focus of the overhaul is to provide even more value, better yet, a real experience for visitors to this website. I have further optimized my content and structured it even better. Newly I included the topic “virtual events”, which was of course a result of the last year.

At the same time, I will now provide you again with regular blog posts as well as valuable tips and tricks around events to let you shine even more on a stage. This includes topics like virtual meetings, stage presence and presentation tips. Even the technology to make you look great virtually is not left out. There are also valuable tips for all event organizers. 

You can subscribe to the regular updates and get a free PDF to download, on which you can get the best tips for an event from me. You can also download my equipment checklist for your home studio or to make your next webcalls even better.

The result is a really modern looking website, without a lot of frippery, which is hopefully very clear and concise in its core message. What do you think… how do you like the new homepage? What are you missing? Feel free to write me your opinion in the comments below.

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